Angel Stones




Angel Stones are very special energy tools that will spread love and light into your life. When you activate an Angel Stone by the Attunement, an angel will be connected to it, and will send beautiful energy into and through the stone. When you wear your Angel Stone that has been attuned, the angel will be in your energy field, providing you with any energy you may need. You can also use the Angel Stone or a layout of the angel stones in healing sessions in person or for distance healing. You can use an Angel Stone to charge your drinking water, help you get to sleep, or even clear a room.  It is useful to have one or more crystals that are metaphysically related to angels

Some crystals that are associated with angels are:  amphibole quart, angelite, candle quartz, celestite, danburite, dumorterite, larimar, Lemurian seed quartz, morganite, muscovite, paraiba tourmaline, petalite, phenacite, rhodocrosite, rutile, selenite, seraphanite, serpentine, smithsonite, and tanzanite.

Founder:  Ole Gabrielsen

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.  You will receive the attunement, and a certificate of completion if you desire.