Energy and Magic Of The Fairies




This attunement activates the chakras, and especially the third eye, heart and root chakras to connect to channels that open to the Fairy World

There are many inhabitants of the fairy realm, each with their own special tasks, likes and dislikes.  The extensive manual contains extensive information about many different fairies, what we can learn from them and a symbol for each.  You will learn about the following fairy

The Nature Fairies The Metal Fairies
The Air Fairies The Water Fairies
The PSI Fairies The Light Fairies
The Stone Fairies The Chaos Fairies
The Energy Fairies The Fire Fairies
The Dark Fairies The Ice and Snow Fairies
The attunement teaches you how to contact the fairies and to ask for their assistance.
Prerequisite: Usui 2nd Degree, better still Usui Master Degree.



Founders:  Demetrius and Andrea “Chisara” Baginski