Imara Reiki



Imara Reiki is a high vibration healing method.   Many users experience a strong spiritual connection possibly with Ascended Beings, Angels, etc. when using this system and may invoke them to help you.  Imara Reiki can be used for healing past life issues as well as repressed issues involving physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.  Both the healer and the receiver may perceive information during the healing session such as past or current life memories, emotional traumas and other things of a repressed nature.

The name “Imara” means more.  You may feel that Imara works with a higher vibration than traditional Reiki and may feel different to use as well. This system is very easy to use.  No symbols are required although one is suggested if you feel the need to use it.  Positive, focused intention will help greatly in receiving the energy.  A different set of hand positions than Usui Reiki is explained in the manual but you may use any hand positions you would like to.  Imara Reiki can also be used for distant healing.

Founder:  Barton Wendel