Reiki Grand Master - Yamabushi Shinto Reiki

Yamabushi Shinto Reiki is the original Reiki Grand Master Course by Peter Aziz.  After almost 40 years of training in Japanese martial arts, Shinto healing and spirituality and Reiki, Peter’s interest led him to train in ancient healing and magick, and he was initiatied under the Black Dragon, Haku-zu.  While deep in meditation on retreat on Mount Kurama, which is the same mountain where Master Usui first broght Reiki through, Peter’ was awakened to a much deeper level of Reiki and was told to pass on this deeper power as the tradition had become diluted.  He was empowered by Haku-zu and Tengu, the God of Mount Kurama, who is a well-known warrior God.  During the attunements to this system you will be initiated to Haku-zu and Tengu, and brought under their guidance and protection.The kanjis or symbols in Shinto are representations of divine and natural principles.  They give us access to divine knowing of fundamental truths that can guide us through life and take us beyond the limitations of this illusory world.  Some of these divine knowings are used in Reiki to shed limitations, bringing healing and transformation.  With the exception of Level 4, each of the other Levels in Yamabushi Shinto Reiki has a kanji associated with it.

Levels 1 to 3 of Reiki are already well documented so the manual begins discussion with Level 4.

LEVEL 4:  This taught to connect the student to the divine source.  If you would like, you can choose your own symbol for this level.  A simple inner journey meditation is taught to aid the connection with the kanjis in the following levels or to connect with Source before starting a healing.

In the beginning we were all One with the Source.  Over time we have separated from the Source, and we have gotten into conflict with all that we put outside ourselves.  When we separated we turned our backs on God/Goddess/All That Is in order to find out who we were as individuals.  We all hold this state of dis-harmony to different degrees.  The first step back towards Oneness is to return to a sense of harmony, or The Great Harmony.

LEVEL 6:  The Great Separation
The kanji in this level follows on perfectly from The Great Harmony, and is a partner to it.  The final stage of harmonizing with the Universe it to harmonize with the force of separation itself.  When separation becomes our friend and ally, we use it to separate ourselves from all that is unhealthy for us.  The Great Separation can remove from you that which does not fit harmoniously with you.  In this level you will also learn a simple shamanic healing process to remove any negative energy structure from a patient.

LEVEL 7:  The Great Freedom
Freedom is the next natural step in our path to enlightenment, but often needs a further push.  There are basically two sides to freedom:  freedom from, and freedom to.  You either want to be free from something that is somehow oppressive, or you want to be free to do something.  The first big obstacle is fear.  You are either afraid of something that could harm you or you are afraid of losing something.  Both of these fears are lessened by the previous two kanjis.  After the Great Separation you are less afraid of being harmed and after the Great Harmony you are less afraid of loss.  However the irrational energy of fear remains even though there is no longer a cause for it.  This can cause you to create a negative future.  The Great Freedom follows on from the Great Separation in that it separates you from futures that are not good for you.

LEVEL 8:  The Great Peace
This follows on naturally from freedom, and is a prerequisite to more advanced states of spiritual awareness.  A deep inner peace comes when you finally see that everything is as it should be.  Peace comes when your intentions turn inwards and you begin to sense your spirituality as something beyond the physical world.

LEVEL 9:  The Great Happiness
Happiness naturally follows peace, as it comes with the ending of conflict.  It doesn’t automatically come with earthly success, but like The Great Peace relies on your spirituality.  Happiness must also be balanced by its opposite, joy.  Use of the kanji in this level makes a shift in resonance to experience the duality of happiness and joy.

LEVEL 10: The Great Hope
Hope or faith comes from the inner knowledge of possibility.  It is the assurance that what we are trying to achieve will happen.  When we are exposed to limitation in our lives our beliefs become more limited and hope gradually wanes, teaching us to doubt.  The kanji in this level helps us to reawaken this natural knowledge, which is the next step to realizing our full spiritual potential.

LEVEL 11:  The Great Strength
With the newly awakened awareness of our unlimited potential we often find greater challenges to stretch our strengths and also find that others who are not comfortable with our awakening put further obstacles in our paths.  This can be overwhelming but that is actually when evolution occurs.  This breakdown and restructuring I soften referred to as a healing crisis or an evolutionary crisis.  Strength is built by facing challenges.  The kanji in this level is often needed during healing when a patient believes that they are incurable and may work with the original cause of the illness instead of predicted lack of cure by the medical profession.

LEVEL 12: The Great Love
As we integrate the lesson of true strength, we embrace vulnerability.  Since strength has come through surrendering and allowing ourselves to be changed we see beyond the macho concepts of strength and embrace the feminine, leading us toward the feminine strength of love.  If you allow your resonance to change, the amount of love you receive changes, and your entire range of possible futures changes.  Allowing oneself to be changed by the Great Love of Source is the power that the kanji in this level brings.

LEVEL 13:  The Great Teacher
As we develop there comes a time when we all develop a system of inner guidance but messages from our Higher Selves tend to get distorted by ego.  After love has been embraced and the ego is matured guidance becomes reliable.  When we reach behind our illusions we realize that Source dwells equally in all existence.  The ego is matured by surrendering it to the Higher Self.  This kanji teaches us this, and that the maturing of the ego and the clarifying of spiritual guidance go hand in hand.

LEVEL 14:  The Great Eye
The next step in psycho-spiritual development moves from communicating with an inner teacher to direct vision and knowledge of all.  At this stage we are becoming our Higher Selves.  This stage is often accompanied by an identity crisis, as your identification is shifting from the normal human self to the Higher Self.  After this level you will clearly know what you need to know including your true purpose in life.

LEVEL 15:  The Great Way
The Great Way is a Buddhist ideal suggesting that the true way is to develop wisdom, spiritual love and compassion.  It is basically our way home, our journey to union with God/Goddess/All That Is.  We are all here to learn to consciously create our reality, and to learn to have fun.  We find our paths by honoring our emotions, developing skills and following our conscience as well as through intuition.  The kanji in this level gives us the vision of our true paths.

LEVEL 16:  The Great Revelation
After gaining our vision of our paths, our awareness expands to gain vision of the whole, where we all fit together.  We open to vertical rather than linear knowing, and gain vision of the whole, seeing other people’s destinies, where we all fit together and therefore the direction and lessons of the World as a whole.  As we grow in personal power and responsibility, our visions are of the possibilities we can achieve for the whole World, but we also become aware of the different possible futures and the choices we make to move toward each other.  The kanji in this system furthers upon your vision.

LEVEL 17:  The Great Temple
The Great Temple is eh place in which you come face to face with God.  It is a place within yourself, but first we must create the space within ourselves for this to happen.  Once we have this space we can go there any time in meditation.  Once you have been initiated to the kanji in this level you can enter there instantly.  When in this Great Temple you experience infinite power and your faith is boosted as you sense the infinite possibilities that God can achieve.  This is the perfect place to work from in your healing practice.

LEVEL 18:  The Great Wisdom
In Buddhism wisdom is described as all phenomena appearing devoid of individual existence.  In Shinto it is seen as a state of pure awareness, beyond any definition.  We reach a moment of enlightenment in which all identity, time and space vanish, and we burn with a blazing light.  It doesn’t happen immediately, but as you meditate with the kanji in this level you experience pure awareness more and more, until the ultimate enlightenment happens.  From this point on you are changed and possess great spiritual power.  At this level you are also given a mantra to help your enlightenment.

These attunements are spaced three or more days apart, sent by chi ball.

Prerequisite:  you must have completed Usui Reiki and hold a Master Degree to receive these attunements.

Founder:  Peter Aziz