I AM Grandfather Sun

In the words of the founder of this system: “I AM Grandfather Sun and I am here to share with you all of my love, warmth, light and energy…

Sit with me and enjoy my warmth and light that I bring to you. Share with me the beauty that I bring, the plants that I help to grow, the trees that I help to bloom, the water that I warm, love me, feel me, tell me your troubles and your drams and enjoy the simple joy that I bring to the Mother Earth.

Let me warm your body and heart and share with you some special times of the day for us to enjoy together…”

The Grandfather Sun manual connects you with and teaches you about the four major energy points during the day for the Sun:
Sunrise – the time for energy to enter into our being, revitalize us and get us ready for the day ahead. It is the time to set and focus on intentions for the day.
Sunhigh – the time to reinforce our intentions for the day or to have a new intention for the afternoon.
Sunset – the time to unwind and let our energies slow down and to relax and unwind.
Midnight – a time when the Sun’s energies flow right to Mother Earth and us, strengthening our connection to Mother Earth. This special time allows us to be more aware of our spiritual energies, dreamtime, create new and great ideas, relax our minds, rejuvenate our bodies and to solve problems.

A meditation is included in the manual.

Founder: Gail M. Schumann