Light of God I AM THAT I AM

Light of God, I am that, I am Activation to the Divine DNA is a High Energy Activation System. The energy has been upgraded from the original version.

It is a favor of us to live at this special time here on Earth. For the first time since the descent of mankind into matter the frequency on Earth increases again. This has to do with increasing awareness, the increasing capacity for love and increasing sense of oneness with ALL THAT IS.

With proper awareness our abilities and senses awaken. We are gods in training and we are learning new aspects of our divinity. It is necessary to release all ‘false information’ relating to our true selves and let the LIGHT OF GOD, THE LIGHT OF TRUTH take its place. Once we were all Beings of Light, one with the Universe and full of love, joy and happiness. We will again be filled with Light as divine consciousness increases. The universal knowledge is always present everywhere. It lives in every atom and is accessible for all of us. The more we release our limited thinking, the more knowledge unfolds.

Our divine DNA will be activated again. Our crown chakras will be highly developed, directly linking us to higher dimensions. The physical body also should be prepared for these changes.

With this energy of the activation of Light of God, I AM THAT, I AM, your own quality of light is activated. Your aura, your light body and your chakras are cleansed and clarified. The resolution of outdated programs that no longer serve you will take place. This supports your personal awakening and Light Body process. Karmic connections will be released and your vibration level will be increased. Your light grid will be balanced, as it is suitable for you.

Angel Metatron takes you when your soul allows, through the gate of dimensions in reality – the 5th Dimension.

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer)