Humanity is now becoming aware of an extended system of Chakras beyond the first set of 7 chakras that have aided you well on your spiritual path and brought you to the place you are in now. There is also a yearning within that makes you feel that there is something more waiting to come through. The awareness of the extended system is the next step of spiritual evolution.

By the time you reach a point on your spiritual path where you feel able to work on the development of your higher chakras, you will have reached an understanding of how to tap into the energies of varying frequencies, not only to help your own spiritual progression but to also to heal Mother Earth. The idea that there are chakras higher than your crown chakra may be new to you. The purpose of these new chakras is to give you the ability to tap into your own inner god-self, the divine will and possible the galactic community that surrounds and supports the Earth and humankind on their spiritual evolution.

Each of the Celestial Chakras is a doorway, or a celestial gateway to various areas of the body, and is related to a Sub Chakra.

The Celestial Chakra Activation attunes you to the following:

8th Chakra – The Chakra of Inner Peace and Light
Sub Chakra 1 – Portal of the Earth Chakra

9th Chakra – The Chakra of the Lightworkers
Sub Chakra 2 – Balance with Gaia Chakra

10th Chakra – The Chakra of Wisdom
Sub Chakra 3 – Intarrestrial World Doorway Chakra

11th Chakra: The Chakra of the “I AM” Presence
Sub Chakra 4 – Elemental Co Creator Chakra

12th Chakra – The Chakra of the Higher Self
Sub Chakra 5 – The Heart of Gaia Chakra


The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 2 is a continuation of the original Celestial Chakra Activation. The continued energies of activation and awakening for your Celestial Chakras is being given to help you connect with realizing and aligning with your true self, your god self, and of course the galactic consciousness.

This system attunes you to three more of the upper chakras.

The 13th Chakra: you will be taken to within to a place where the separation between the spiritual world and the physical world will be at its thinnest, greatly increasing your ability to see, feel and hear spirit. Your psychic senses may be dramatically increased.

The 14th Chakra: This is the energy center of Peace and Harmony. Activating this chakra also helps you to begin a process of connecting and aligning more closely with the energies of your Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. You will move deeper into relaxation and enter the elusive and mysterious Theta State, giving your mind permission to expand beyond the limited restraints of 3rd dimensional reality, helping you to increase your creativity, enhance your learning, reduce stress and awaken intuitive and extrasensory skills.

The 15th Chakra over time will become your personal portal where you can travel to other dimensional realities as well as to connect to a vast host of heavenly beings such as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guides, Elementals and other Galactic Masters who are coming forth at this time to help us with our spiritual evolution.


Founder: Jay Burrell