Banishing With Archangel Michael

You are never alone, there are always Angels surrounding you, anticipating your petitions and waiting to intervene. Angels are happy to provide you with special considerations on your behalf for your highest and most perfect good, all you need to do is ask.

Archangel Michael, the Victorious Warrior Angel, Prince of the Angelic Hierarchies and leader of the army of God and the forces of heaven extends intervention when summoned and will support you during spiritual battles. He leads a limitless army of heavenly hosts to surround you, bind the attacks and strongholds and snare the enemy.

Petition Archangel Michael for banishing of dark entities or threatening energies or for banishing negativity. You can also petition him where there is need to defend, to purify, to clear and banish astral parasites, negative attacks, barbs and hooks, and malicious ill intents of others.

After your attunement you will be able to treat a place or object, and use the energy for dense dark energies, entities or disease. Use the treatment as frequently as you desire.

Prerequisite for Master Teacher Attunement: Usui Master
Prerequisite for Personal Use Attunement: None

Founder: Manuela Marques

Master Teacher:  $108

Personal Use:  $63