The Saraswati Mentoring/Healing templates that I offer help you to explore your own unique journey within a safe, sacred space. You will receive the inspiration to trust in divine love, working with the loving power of the Universe within beautiful sanctuaries of healing. All of these HEALING/MENTORING SESSIONS allow healing to happen, assisting you on your sacred journey.

Connecting soul to soul with an oracle deck, channeled exercises and divine energy, I will guide you into deeper healing to restore your soul.

The unique and powerful energetic healing modality was channeled by Alana Fairchild and her Higher Spiritual Guidance.  Calling in spiritual energy through sacred words, channeled exercises and soul-to-soul connection, I will guide you into an experience of divine healing.  As your guide, I support you at a soul level, for your deep healing joureny.

MENTORING/HEALING  TEMPLATES can empower you to fulfill your extraordinary divine potential. They are transformative healing sessions that reconnect you with your heart and soul. They can help you to succeed in your life purpose. The spiritual energy offered is genuine, loving and effective. You will learn to trust yourself and your divine connection unconditionally, and allow your authentic soul voice to come through with joy and love. You are encouraged to connect with your own authentic truths – your feelings, intuitions, wisdom, power and purpose. Your courage and willingness to grow can increase, allowing you to have more trust, and to become all that you are divinely destined to be.

You can receive support in your everyday life or be assisted to shift a particular issue or situation in your life. Each session brings positive changes to provide you with more peace, to heal and empower you.

A template is a series of steps followed that create a sacred container for the energy to flow through with grace and ease. They are designed to increase and amplify energy. The template that you choose will be created just for you. It is a sacred space that contains the energies we are working with, giving you energetic protection, your heart and mind to beneficial change.

These mentoring/healing sessions will allow you a safe and sacred environment for deep healing and regeneration and renewal. Each session and template can bring you Healing, Greater Divine Connection and Spiritual Growth.

When you need to reconnect to your own soul and step forward onto your true life path, I am here for you.  When you want to tune into yourself and discover your intuitive inner wisdom, I am here for you.  When you are ready to grow into your divine potential, awakening your unique authentic self, I am here for you.



SOUL GUIDANCE & SACRED MENTORING templates are based on Alana Fairchild’s Crystal Mandala Oracle. They provide you with support in your everyday life. They bring you peace, healing and empowerment. We will call upon Angels, Ascended Masters or Goddesses in these templates. The channeled energy brings focus, allowing for transformation.

Sessions can be done with intent for specific issues, or even just to bring you clarity and focus in your day-to-day life, or inspiration and guidance as you travel upon your path of learning, growth and beauty.

If you are at a crossroads and looking for a sign to give you some direction or affirm that you are on the right path, these mentoring/healing sessions are for you. These templates allow healing to happen and assist you on your sacred journey, bringing clarity, empowerment and more light into your life. During your session I will assist you in reconnecting with your soul. These sessions can bring you Heart Opening, Soul Connection or finding your Empowered Voice.

KARMIC TEMPLATES work with Ascended Masters. You will be connected more deeply with your own beautiful soul, perhaps discovering your unique life purpose and come understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences. Karmic Healing Templates help you to find the blessings and lessons of the past and enable you to move forward with grace and love as you travel on your soul journey in this present lifetime.

THRESHOLD BLESSINGS TEMPLATES are assisted by Goddesses. They include group templates that are performed for specific life events such as the birth of a child, a project or venture, or a new way of living and more. They can be done to commemorate bridal or baby showers, engagements, graduations, loss of a family member, and other rites of passage. Group sessions can help people that are grieving or need support to process a difficult experience.



The Isis templates offer you empowerment through love. They about gaining confidence and renewal, particularly after times of loss, losing connection to the light or going through a crisis. This can be in everyday life or challenges faced when you are releasing negativity in order to grow more powerfully connected to the light. They are based on Alana Fairchild’s Isis Oracle.



“In Alana’s words, the theme for these templates is Sacred Feminine Empowerment. This work can help you to live your soul’s truth. You can connect your conscious mind with the deeper wisdom and presence of the priestess within your soul. The Inner Priestess offers guidance to unfold as needed. It may clear old emotional or psychological issues. They are based on Alana Fairchild’s Love your Inner Goddess Oracle.”



“ In Alana’s words, the theme for these templates is authenticity and empowerment for the soul’s creative manifestation. It is only through our authenticity that our innate spiritual originality can emerge. When we surrender into who we are with courage and confidence we can acknowledge our beauty, our quirks and our apparent flaws, as well as our passions and talents. Then we become active, engaged channels with the ultimate sacred rebel – the divine genius that is healing, helping and constantly creating. (To receive the maximum for real time templates it’s recommended that you obtain a copy of Alana Fairchild’s album Meditations with Sekhmet and Narasimha – Supreme Spiritual Protection with the Lion-Headed Deities as they specifically empower sacred rebels.”


All of the templates and sessions I offer can be received by chi ball. I will run the templates for you, and send you a report of what occurred, including pictures of the cards drawn and an altar personally designed for you. You can receive the energies whenever it is most comfortable and convenient for you. They can also be received through the Zoom Platform at 1 pm EST.


Chi Ball Sessions: $135

Zoom Sessions: $180

Artwork for Crystal Mandala Oracle by Jane Marin © 2016 by Alana Fairchild
Isis Artwork © Jimmy Manton from the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Artwork  for Priestess Templates  by Lisa Ferrante ©  2017 From the Love Your Inner Priestess Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Sacred Rebels Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison © 2014 from the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild