I am a Certified Reiki Grand Master Teacher, a Lightarian Facilitator, am trained in Native American shamanic techniques to perform shamanic journeys for soul retrieval and healing, and also have certification in hundreds of energy healing and spiritual development systems. I offer Reiki Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions, to help improve your life on all levels.

I started my spiritual journey in 2003 when I became interested in working with crystals and herbs. I found a wonderful herbalist to work with for my own and my husband’s healing. I even had some of the plants growing in my own garden. I was also practicing meditation for health and wholeness, and learned to make spiritual connections. Being an avid reader, I soaked up as much information as I could on these subjects, with healing being a primary topic. In 2006 I heard of Reiki and wanted to find out what it was all about. I bought two books on the subject and soon realized that I would need to be attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher. I looked on the Internet and found a class being held right in my town in two days. When I called the Teacher I discovered there was still a spot left for me. From that day on, I was enchanted with this wonderful healing system. It changed me so much that I felt I had become a “new” person. I did self-treatment every day (and continue to do so) and used Reiki for as many things as I could think of. I learned each new level, becoming more connected to the Universal energies and loving it.

I have since gone forward with my studies, becoming a Reiki Grand Master Teacher. I discovered that there were other systems of Reiki and energy healing. I loved these attunements as much as my original Usui Reiki practice and began using new techniques both on myself, my family, my pets and others. Each attunement that I received helped me to grow and change while also helping people to become connected to the energies and follow their paths to enlightenment and wholeness.

I have studied Shamanism, including Soul Recovery, extraction of negative energies and energy balancing.  I facilitate these energies during shamanic journeys for others. During one of my teacher’s visits to teach, he gave a drum-making playshop. My husband, Victor came along to be a “good sport” and found that he made gorgeous drums. Together we have facilitated drum circles, and he also teaches drum making playshops now himself. For more information please contact me.

All of the teachers who have guided me have greatly enriched my life. I have been blessed to know each of them. During this time period I also became interested in Goddess Spirituality and started to live my life by the seasons, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars. It has been very fulfilling to live in accordance with Nature and to appreciate all that Mother Earth offers to each of us. I have learned much about honoring the Earth and living in a more spiritual way. I have studied many different Goddesses, crystals, drummed, created crafts, eaten traditional season foods, sometimes even howling at the Moon for the sheer joy of doing so. I have helped to support many of my friends and acquaintances and as they have with me as we travel our spiritual paths.

Mother Earth Reiki Visitors