DNA is the hereditary genetic material in every cell of your body, often referred to as the “building blocks of life”. DNA controls the structure and function of the entire body. Patterns can be stored in your DNA having been passed down through generations that are not beneficial to you. There are energy healing techniques available to work with restructuring your DNA to return it to a more original state. Work is also being done to add to the number of strands of DNA. It is said that ascended individuals will carry twelve strands of DNA, or more, instead of the two that science acknowledges now.
A DNA Reiki treatment can be done to heal negative inherited genetics and disease. This energy can have the ability to strengthen and heal your DNA. It is usually combined with a regular Reiki session and/or a crystal healing session.
A DNA healing session may be combined with other types of healing sessions. Crystals that can change your vibration and thereby work on your DNA may be used in conjunction with this healing or be recommended for you to continue to work after your session.

One Hour:  $90

1-1/2 Hour:  $120