Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring is a beautiful modality, created by Alana Fairchild, that can empower you to fulfill your extraordinary divine potential. I am a Trained and Accredited Practitioner. I am pleased and honored to offer transformative and healing sessions and workshops that reconnect you with your heart and soul.

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring can help you to succeed in your sacred life purpose. The sessions that I offer increase your personal empowerment and support you during your personal transformation through spiritual healing. Each session is genuine, loving and effective. You will learn to trust yourself and your divine connection unconditionally and allow your authentic soul voice to come through with joy and love.

Soul Guidance means that you are encouraged to connect with your own authentic truths – your feelings, intuition, wisdom, power and purpose. Your courage and willingness to grow can increase, allowing you to have more trust, and become all that you are Divinely destined to be.

Soul Mentoring means that I can facilitate you as you explore your own unique journey. I offer you the inspiration to trust in Divine Love. I allow you to work with the loving power of the Universe to assist us during your session in our beautiful spiritual sanctuary of healing.

I will help you to release energy that you no longer need in your life, or to help your energy to be more in balance and harmony. Your inner wisdom will start to shine more brightly, your intuition can grow, you will start to live in more grace and honor yourself more fully. Peace can become a more natural state of being for you as you learn from the past, let it go and move forward on your path of spiritual growth and development.

Soul Guidance and Soul Mentoring healing templates and workshops can provide you with support in your everyday life or assist you by helping to shifting a particular issue or situation in your life. Each session or workshop brings positive changes to provide you with more peace, heal and empower you. We will call upon Angels, Ascended Masters or Goddesses, guided by The Crystal Mandala Oracle, and combine them with beautiful healing templates. Here you are able to work with channeled energy, bringing focus and allowing transformation. Sessions can be done with intent for specific issues, or even just to bring you clarity and focus in your day-to-day life, or inspiration and guidance as you travel upon your path of learning, growth and beauty.

If you are at a crossroads and looking for a sign to give you some direction or affirm that you are on the right path, these healing sessions are for you.

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring sessions provide you with a sacred space to allow healing to happen and assist you on your sacred journey, bringing clarity and empowerment and bring more light into your life. During your session I will assist you in reconnecting with your soul. These sessions can bring you Heart Opening, Soul Connection or finding your Empowered Voice.

Sessions and workshops incorporate oracle cards, crystal energy, meditations and assistance, allowing you a safe and sacred environment for deep healing and regeneration and renewal. Each session and template can bring you Healing, Greater Divine Connection and Spiritual Growth. Along with the Angels, Ascended Masters or Goddesses you will also receive the healing energies a crystal connected to Angel, Ascend Master or Goddess. A powerful meditation is included with each session. Several of the Isis meditations also work with crystal energies.

A template is a series of steps followed that creates a sacred container for the energy to flow through with grace and ease. They are designed to increase and amplify energy. The template that you choose will be created just for you. It is a sacred space that contains the energies we are working with, giving you energetic protection that allows you to open your heart and mind with grace and ease.

A card is drawn from an oracle deck. We will learn a bit about the Angel, Ascended Master or Goddess that chooses to work with you, or a card from the Isis Oracle that brings spiritual and personal development, healing and growth. Within the safe template space, time is offered for you to set an intention or goal for the healing.  We also will do a meditation to assist you in working with the energies that come forward through the Ascended Master, Angel or Goddess that chooses you.

During an Isis Template two meditations will be performed, one connecting you to Isis and the energies of Isis Quartz Crystals.

Karmic Healing Templates work with the Ascended Masters, and Threshold Templates are assisted by Goddesses.

Like a ‘choose your own adventure’ we won’t know until your session begins who our divine guide will be!  As we open to the loving energy of your Divine guide for the session, we create a sacred healing field allowing you to connect more deeply with your own beautiful soul, explore your unique life purpose and understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences.

Karmic Healing Templates help you to find the blessings and lessons of the past and enable you to move forward with grace and love as you travel on your soul journey in this present lifetime.

Threshold blessings I offer include group templates and workshops that are performed for specific life events such as the birth of a child, a project or venture, or a new way of living and more. They can be done to commemorate bridal or baby showers, engagements, graduations, loss of a family member, and other rites of passage. Group sessions can help people that are grieving or need support to process a difficult experience.

Angelic Space or House Clearings help you to remove unwanted energies from a room, your place of business, your home or even your environment, such as your back yard.  These are done remotely.

Isis Templates and workshops allow you to connect with Isis, the Healing Goddess of Ancient Egypt, as well as other Egyptian Deities.  They provide you with hope and healing, bringing transformation help you to learn from the lessons of loss, negativity or sometimes even defeat and enable you to find your way back to Light, Divine Love, renewal, regeneration, rebirth and hope as your journey of love shifts into new perspectives of joy and peace.

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring is a particularly beautiful modality for individuals who are looking for a sign from the Universe and helpful guidance to take the next step on their life journey.  It can bring support when you feel deeply challenged, or are simple curious about what the Universe wants you to know.  If you would like to shift a particular issue or situation in your life then this modality can assist you.

You are warmly invited to open your heart to the beautiful energy that Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring offers.

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Individual (One on One) Fee: $117

Angelic Healing Template:
Ascended Master Healing Template:
Goddess Healing Template:
Karmic Healing Template:
Threshold Blessing:
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Isis Healing Template:
Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Group Session (2–4 participants)
Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, in person or at a distance.
$90 per person 
Coming Soon
Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring Workshop (3 – 4 participants)
6 hours, and includes a Certificate of Completion
Contact me for details.