The Angelic Orbs Of Light Empowerment is the 7th installment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series. It has been channeled to help you with many forms of personal and spiritual healings that many of us many go through as we walk the path of a lightworker and a spiritual seeker. The energy works with the Angels. There is no need to work with Reiki energies to use this system.

Creating an Angelic Orb Of Light allows you to create a sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, and protection of the Angels. This Orb Of Light can be sent to a recipient. The energy will remain within the Sphere until it is called in, allowing the recipient to mentally and spiritually receive the vibrational energies of the Orb at any time and on many occasions.

Angels are multi-dimensional beings who have been with humankind since the dawn of time. They are extremely powerful companions who can work with us and guide our spiritual paths. The Angels can be with many individuals at one time, as there are no restrictions in time or space. Anyone can call upon the Angels to help them with healings, personal spiritual progression or just for comfort and support.

There are 26 Empowerments within The Angelic Orbs of Light, all sent to you during one attunement.

• The Archangel Michael Orb – helps you to gain courage, strength and spiritual protection. It can also give you willpower, initiative, focus or protection.

• The Archangel Gabriel Orb – helps with clarity, purity, order and discipline, and can create harmony beauty, peace, and to help develop your intuition and find your true path. As the Angel of Childbirth – this Orb can be used for pregnant women or sent as a blessing for a newborn.

• The Archangel Raphael Orb – will help with all forms of healing, creativity, truth, vision and dissolving negative blockages that cause illness. It may also help you to develop vision and inner knowing through your third eye.

• The Archangel Uriel Orb – brings peace in any situation where Divine Peace is needed, dissolves fears and develops clarity, insight and vision.

• The Archangel Zadkiel Orb – brings blessings of forgiveness, mercy and compassion to help with awakening and aligning with your Light Body.

• The Archangel Chamuel Orb – helps to lift your spirits from sorry and find love in your heart, renewing and improving existing relationships or helping to find your soul mate.

• The Archangel Jophiel Orb – helps with artistic projects, illuminating your spark and helping you to see the beauty in all things and people.

• The Archangel Raguel Orb – helps to deal with justice and fairness, and also works for the underdog when you need to be empowered and respected.

• The Angel of Beauty Orb – reminds you that all forms of beauty are always found within the eye of the beholder, and gives you the ability to open your awareness to see the beauty in all things including the beauty of your own inner being.

• The Angel of Compassion Orb – helps you with compassion and sympathy to help you radiate compassion to all people and situations in your life.

• The Angel of Forgiveness Orb – touches your heart chakra, gently guiding you to extend forgiveness to both yourself and others.

• The Angel of Glory Orb – opens your heart and mind to the Glory of God, the Creator or Universal Intelligence, linking you with Source and guiding you to deeper understanding of the glory of your own soul.

• The Angel of Grace Orb – brings Divine assistance through the Law Of Grace, releasing old energetic patterns and beliefs that prevent your spiritual growth.

• The Angel of Harmony Orb – helps you to restore balance to your emotions by bringing comfort and understanding.

• The Angel of Hope Orb – guides and supports you to keep the light of hope align in your heart chakra during times of difficulty or stress.

• The Angel of Joy Orb – helps to open your heart chakra to reconnect with joy, lightness and a renewed joy in living.

• The Angel of Love Orb – shows you the love within your heart chakra and shows you places within yourself that need more unconditional loving acceptance.

• The Angel of Mercy Orb – offers you the opportunity to clear and release any karmic patterns that are holding you back.

• The Angel of Patience Orb – brings more patience and helps you to be more relaxed in mind and body, more fully in the flow of life.

• The Angel of Peace Orb – shows you the place deep in your being where there is always peace and tranquility, helping you even in the midst of chaos and turmoil.

• The Angel of Purification Orb – helps to release and transmute lower energetic frequencies from your subtle bodies and auric field, bringing greater purity of thought and mind.

• The Angel of Strength Orb – helps you to reconnect with your own inner strength during times of adversity.

• The Angel of Tranquility Orb – brings calmness, especially during times of disturbance or stress.

• The Angel of Transmutation Orb – raises your vibrational frequency and transmutes lower energies into positive thoughts, bringing deep clarity and inner healing.

• The Angel of Truth Orb – guides you in discovering your inner truth and expressing it with true love.

• The Angel of Wisdom Orb – helps access your inner wisdom, strengthens the connection between your heart and brow chakras and helps you to remember that knowledge can become wisdom.

Prerequisite: The Rainbow Light Healing System attunements Levels 1-6.

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Founder: Jay Burrell