Energy healing is always helpful and will never harm. If you have any type of illness, see your doctor or medical health provider.  Energy healing works very well with medical treatment, but is not meant to be a replacement for medical attention.  None of the information in any of the manuals or on this website are to be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, or treatment.  Always consult your physician when the need arises. If you are taking any prescription medicines do not discontinue these without the consent of your doctor. Energy healing is used as a supplemental and holistic aid and not as alternate medical care.  It is a subtle form of healing that can work with different aspects of your being.

Many of the attunements are intended to be for reflection, inspiration and personal development and thus can help you on your path to health and wholeness.

When you purchase an attunement, I will email you with detailed descriptions of how to receive attunements either in real time or by chi ball and information about grounding.  I will also email you a manual for each attunement, requesting that you write back to tell me you have received them.  Once you have purchased your manual, there are no refunds.

Participation in receiving in receiving is voluntary, and full responsibility is yours.  I take no responsibility whatsoever for your reactions to the energies.  It is possible with any energy attunement to experience clearing symptoms or a ‘healing crisis’.  If either of these occur, it has been your personal choice to work with the energies and can be due to the way your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual self experiences the integration of the energies.  Should you experience either of this situations, rest assured that they will pass.  If you feel that you are medically unwell, please see your health care professional.

It is your own responsibility and I do not accept this responsibility should you treat yourself with any information received either in any of the manuals, through any attunements or healing sessions, or on this website.

Deposits are required in advance for Reiki Training Classes, Shamanic Journeys and  Playshops.  They are non-refundable.

After purchasing an attunement and receiving the manual there are no refunds.

Right of Refusal may be exercised at any time by Mother Earth Reiki for any reason.