Marcy ShulmanThese sessions connect you more deeply with your own Inner Feminine Self. The help you to step more fully into your own power, inviting you to live in more grace and ease, feel much more at peace and in the divine flow of feminine energy.

You may choose to focus on one of the following topics:

  • Physical issues
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual growth
  • Personal development
  • Your business
  • Choose your own…

A variety of different healing energies are utilized depending on what you goals and intentions are. Your session will be approximately one hour long. We can arrange for a real time appointment at 12:30 pm EDT, or you can receive the energies by Chi Ball (Orb of Life) at your convenience.

I offer follow up emails including suggestions for energy systems that you may be attuned to, that allow you to continue working with beneficial energies as often as you desire.

Your session also includes an Oracle reading from one of following decks. It will either be a 1, 2 or 3 card reading, depending on the channeled guidance I receive during your session. If you are called to a particular Oracle, I will be happy to channel the message from your choice of a deck. Your follow-up report will include a photo of your card(s) and a copy of the message from the accompanying guide book.

Divine Feminine Oracle
Mystic Sisters Oracle
Kali Oracle
White Light Oracle
Soulful Woman Oracle
Goddess Power Oracle
Divine Circus Oracle
Earth Warriors Oracle
Aboriginal Goddess Oracle
Kuan Yin Oracle
Mythical Goddess Oracle
Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
Magdalene Oracle
Journey of Love Oracle
The Goddess Oracle
Mother Mary Oracle
Isis Oracle
Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle


All healing sessions are non-refundable and paid in advance.  Your goals and intentions for the session are required within three days of payment to be sent by email.  Session dates are scheduled after payment is received.