Beauty Way of the Rose is a Modern Day Mystery School. 

If your heart and soul long to return to the to Roses and their energy it is likely that you are a Sister of the Rose.

The energy of The Rose fills this Rose Temple with Divine Feminine energy, healing, love and peace. 

If so, you have come to the right place at the right time!

 The Rose represents the Feminine Way, allowing you to surrender to your heart and listen to your soul’s calling, bringing clarity about where your soul wants to be, and finding your highest path. 

 The Feminine way is the Way of the Light is about faith and trust.

The Holy Divine Mother Sophia brings us the Rose Lineage.  The Rose wisdom teachings come from many different locations across our planet, dating back the times of Lemuria, Atlantis and the ancient civilizations of Egypt.

Mission to bring light and create beauty wherever I go, in everything I do.  In this capacity I mentor with Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, and sometimes other Goddesses and Divine Feminine Ascended Masters 

I have a deep connection with Mother Earth, hearing her voice and seeing her beauty in all the difference seasons, bringing more grace and harmony.

Working with the roses brings you deeper into your sovereign divinity, personal empowerment.  Beauty Way Of The Rose Temple offers you a deeper connection with your Higher Self and helps you to step more fully into your sovereign divinity and your own self-empowerment.

I am a wayshower to guide you as you remember who you really are.  I can guide you to walk the spiral path of the rose of your heart as you unfurl one beautiful petal at a time on your healing and empowerment journey back to yourself. 

The more I work with Rose energy, the more I draw to myself.  I love everything rose, flowers, fragrance, oil, essential oil, flower essences, flowers, dried petals, and tea.  I even created rose tincture from the roses in my magickal garden, rose powder and rose quartz crystals. 

You are invited to blossom as the Rose that you are by working with wisdom and Rose teaching medicine of my Rose offerings.  You are invited to release your old beliefs, your fears, your wounds, and step into your greatest sovereign divinity and feminine empowerment ever.

Our generation is being called to birth a new reality, and create our own Golden Age of Miracles.  Begin to remember that you are a Priestess of the Rose today! 





The Rose Crystalline Light offers wisdom for all who are ready to embody her light and frequency.

The Rose filled with Crystalline Light radiates Rose Christ Light. This does not refer to any religion. All that you need to receive it is an open mind. It is the path of love, peace, harmony and bliss that leads to the omniscient presence of a Higher Power that connects all beings.

Working with the Rose Crystalline Light Codes brings higher levels of spiritual development, leading to more compassion and awareness to The Holy Sophia and your true nature.

After your session you may experience more flow, surrender and success in your purpose, your destiny, your goals and gifts and how you present them to the world.

Embodying the Rose Codes strengthens these aspects within you, bringing you into more of your divinity.

This path helps you to reawaken and reclaim your divine self. You may find yourself becoming more comfortable with the unknown.





These beautiful activations are between 60 and 90 minutes long.  They are done on the zoom platform.  They are held safely within sacred, ceremonial space that I create along with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and Goddesses. 

I will create a special altar for each ceremony.

 We will begin with a discussion of your goals and intentions for your session and other pertinent information you may want to share. 

We will consult the Rose Oracle for a personalized message from the Roses for you.  These are quite accurate!

Next, I will guide you through a meditation with the appropriate Divine Feminine Ascended Master for each Rose, whichever we are working with during that particular session.

When the meditation is completed, we will have a discussion about your experience.

You will be held with love and peace within the ceremonial, sacred space of the Rose Temple in Beauty and Rose energies. 








THE WHITE ROSE helps you to come into alignment and open your higher energy channel.

The White Rose connects with Mother Mary and the higher realms and the Holy Sophia. You can receive galactic, high vibration frequencies through working with these frequencies. Mother Mary will activate you with the White Light Codes. She helps you to fulfill your purpose and your destiny. She can support you in unlocking and activating your gifts and talents.

The White Rose is purifying and cleansing. It helps you to release and let go, thus clearing you on the karmic and genetic levels.

Mother Mary and The White Rose offer you a gateway to open your heart and release unresolved emotions, helping you to embody your highest divinity on Earth.

The White Rose is a portal to accessing the Codes from the Holy Sophia.

Some of the benefits you can receive from the White Rose:

Cleanses your heart, soul and spirit.
Raises your vibration to radiate harmony, peace and tranquility.
Assistance in letting go of blockages preventing you from receiving Divine Love.
Reawakens your inner child, bringing purity, innocence back into your life.
Opens, activates and expands your heart chakra.





THE PINK ROSE works with your heart and soul, accessing deep energies of your heart.

Lady Nada is the holder of the Pink Ray. She helps you embody your heart, assisting you in manifesting your destiny, supporting your blossoming and discovering your spirit essence.

Lady Nada and the Pink Rose open the way for you to access and heal your heart light, bringing you into alignment so you can hear the wisdom of your feminine heal your heart light, allowing you to radiate more of your own light.

The Pink Rose work with the Elementals, the Fae, gnomes, trees, the lands, sacred sites, elemental alchemy, and the crystal grids of the planet. She can support you in creating oils, sprays and herbal tinctures to create beneficial change.

The Pink Rose accesses deep energies of the heart and align with your feminine essence.

Some of the benefits you can receive from the Pink Rose:

Returns your heart to the vibration of unconditional love.
Releases unresolved emotional pain and grief.
Aligns you with the 5th dimensional crystal grid of Mother Earth.
Heals the relationship with your soul, allowing you to cocreate a more heart-based 5th dimensional reality.





THE RED ROSE represents Divine Feminine mystery, awakening the Feminine essence within your womb and bringing you into more wholeness.

The Red Rose is overseen by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene. It is path of the Healer, taking you deeper into your journey of embodiment, your divine and holy self, and activating your gifts, intuition, and inner knowing. She is a shamanic Earthkeeper and sacred rebirther for Mother Earth.

The Red Rose supports you in tapping into your lower chakras. This path is the never-ending journey healing, depth and discovery.

Mary Magdalene and the Red Rose take you into the darkest aspects within yourself, healing the deepest feminine wounds within your heart, womb and soul. She can take you back into your original state of divine purity and sacred feminine power.

Some of the benefits you can receive from the Red Rose:

Awakens and rebirth your wild feminine essence and sacred feminine power.
Heals and release disempowerment, sexual blockage, karmic relationships and cords.
Brings deep soul healing.
Awakens your yoni and activate your kundalini activation.







The BLUE ROSE represents mystical energy and Divine Feminine Wisdom, and is connected with the spiritual aspect of ‘self’.

Aligning with Blue Rose energy connects you to the realm of spirit, opening you to the infinite love and beauty of Divine Feminine energy. The Blue Rose opens you to more love, and brings in more energy of co-creation in a completely new way, allowing more heart-based energy beauty to flow into your creations.

Isis has come forward activate me to the Blue Rose. Sarah (child of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua) and Mother Mary also hold the Blue Rose energies, and may assist in activating your Light Codes.

During your activation you may find that all three of these Ascended Masters and maybe the Sirians work with you. Whoever comes through is perfect for you.

Blue Rose energy assists your Light Body in navigating the vibrational shifts happening on Earth at this junction in time.

Some of the benefits you can receive from the Blue Rose:

Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships based on true love
Attracting abundance in ways you never dreamed of before through upgraded co-creation energy
Clear less-than-love energy from your heart, mind and soul
Feel more at peace whatever goes on around you








Rose Mentoring & Healing Sessions

Rose Mentoring & Healing Sessions are done remotely. You may receive them either in ‘real time’ or as an Orb of Life chi ball to call in whenever it’s most convenient for you.

I will ask you for your goals and intentions. A personalized crystal grid will be created for your session, and you will receive a typed report of my findings and any channeled messages that may come through on your behalf. In addition to Rose energies, I also use a combination of Reiki and other spiritual energies, and music, depending on the circumstances. The sessions are approximately an hour long.

If you would like to be attuned to an energy system during your session that can be arranged. There is a separate fee for the attunement. One of the benefits of doing this is that you can continue to use the energies yourself following your Rose Mentoring & Healing Session. In most cases, following your attunement you will be able to share the energies with others as a part of your healing practice, or by attuning them.

Topics included but not limited to the following:
Attunement Fees vary.

Topics included but not limited to the following: 

Relationships                       Karmic bonds                       Peace

Happiness                             Abundance                            Love

Chakra Clearing                   Emotional Blockages         Vitality

Kundalini                               Depression                            Joy

Detoxification                      Friendship                             Abundance

Growth                                   Renewal                                Self-expression

Clarity of thought                Communication                    Intuition

Spirituality                            Forgiveness                          Protection

Serenity                                 Wisdom                                  Balance

Anger                                     Love                                       Self-love

Beauty                                   Harmony                                Inner beauty

Beliefs                                   Self-limitations                    Physical issues

Gratitude                               New beginnings                   Fear

Anxiety                                  Peace of mind                     

Soul retrieval – may require more than one session or a shamanic journey                                                                                             

The Basic Fee: $135






Rose Oracle Healing


On the Rose Path – The Beauty Way of The Rose


Roses speak to the essence of the Feminine.  They are a symbol honoring the Divine Feminine.  Some of the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and Goddesses that join me in these sessions are Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, and Isis.

Rose consciousness symbolizes the need to return the qualities of the Feminine back to our way of life.  This applies to both women and men, who are ready to heal the wounded parts within them. 

Working with the energies of Roses has deepened my connection with them, offering you more connection as well through the Rose Healing sessions I facilitate for you.  The power of Love and Rose energy flows smoothly and easily into the messages they offer, in answer to your goals and intentions for your healing.  The messages they bring to you are very accurate, either immediately or as the days and weeks unfold following our time together. 

I have a deep connection with the Roses, they speak to me, bringing very accurate messages for you.  I will intuitively choose 11 cards for you and arrange them in order they were chosen in.  You will receive a typed report of whatever channeled messages come through, as well as a photo of your ‘Rose Grid’ so that you can integrate the energies as you move forward on your healing journey.

Fee:  $135








For Rose Energy Attunements Click Here:    https://www.motherearthreiki.com/?s=rose