Reiki Attunements/Training

Just for today:

Do not anger.
Do not worry.
Be grateful.
Work hard at all you do.
Be kind to yourself and others.

Reiki I – Shoden Level:

Shoden focuses primarily on self-healing and spiritual growth.  You will also learn the practice of treating others. You will be attuned to the energies, and learn to develop your abilities to tap into the energies of Reiki for healing, stress reduction and the clearing of negativity.  Original Japanese healing techniques will be taught to help open your energy channels to build and direct Reiki energy.  During the class you will receive all the Level 1 attunements.  This class provides all Level 1 attunements, the Shoden manual that includes the history of the founders of Reiki – Usui, Hayashi and Takata, and the original Japanese healing techniques, and a certificate of completion.

*Suggested before the class:  a Reiki healing session with a certified practitioner to become familiar with Reiki energies.

NEXT TRAINING DATE FOR REIKI I – SHODEN LEVEL – To be announced. Contact me for more details.


Reiki II — Okuden Level

Okuden prepares you to offer more healing to others, in person and remotely.  You will learn to work with the different aspects of Reiki energy for more focused healing.  This class includes techniques for sending healing to distant recipients, and many other ways to build energy and promote spiritual growth, including ways to use more intuition in your healing sessions.  Attunements to three symbols and their mantras will be given. You will receive the Okuden manual containing many original Japanese techniques that help you continue to increase Reiki energy in your daily life, and a certificate of completion.

Prerequisites:  Shoden training with a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, and a conversation with Marcy prior to the training.


Reiki IIIA – Personal Mastery

Shinpiden helps you to have a stronger connection between the physical and higher selves.  You will be attuned to the Master Symbol, giving you a stronger connection to the Reiki energies.  It will greatly raise the vibrations and the amount of energy you can give and receive and intensifies and focuses the Reiki energies.  This level will assist with meditation, breathing techniques, self- purification for strong connection and better results.  You can use this energy to transmute negative emotions or unpleasant events and it will help you to feel centered.  Your wellbeing can be improved by the stronger connection to your higher self. Your intuition, clairaudience and clairsentience can grow and expand as you resonate more with Divine Universal Energy.


    • Provide a healing session for another person, and share your notes with me.  Feedback from the recipient is optional.
    • Demonstrate the ability to draw all three symbols correctly, including order, placement and shape.
    • Provide me with a record of daily Reiki, techniques used, self-Reiki and any other Reiki you do in the course of your days.
    • If certification is not Reiho Reiki you must take the Okuden Level first.  In this case please contact me several months in advance of training.


Reiki IIIB Reiho Shinpiden Master Teacher

This is the level to take if you want to teach Reiki to others.  You will learn the advanced uses of the Master Symbol for attuning others.  Included are three mudras (hand positions/gestures) that are used in initiating others by passing Reiki attunements to your students.  You will learn the traditional methods of initiation into all the prior three levels of Reiho, how to teach others to teach and also how to give “reiju”, a mini-attunement (like a tune-up or booster).  The manual includes all Usui Reiki techniques in one nice version and an interview with Mrs. Takata as well.  You will become certified as a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher.

Next training date:  October 13, 2022.  There is still space available provided the requirements can be met.  Please contact me for more details.


      • Have a conversation with me prior to the class to demonstrate your reasons for wanting to pursue this level.
      • Provide me with 50 case histories, 6 on the same person, 6 distant with results.  All case histories may be done on one person if you would like.  Due to changing circumstances, all sessions may be provided distantly if you prefer.  What I am looking for is 50 Reiki treatments or sessions.
      • Record of daily Reiki practice.
      • Mastery of all techniques in the prior three levels.
      • Demonstrate the correct drawing of the symbols and speaking of their jumons.
      • Explain verbally an understanding of the energy of each symbol from your experience.
      • Have 6 Reiki Sessions with another practitioner.  These may be in person or by distance (at least a few in person is preferred.)