Energy Attunements
An energy attunement opens and clears your energy pathways and chakras, or energy centers to receive higher energies. They shift your energy system so that you become more attuned to your true nature and enable you to be more centered.  The purpose of attunements is to align your Higher Self with the energies of a system you want to work with.  All attunements can be subtle.  Trust that you are receiving them and they are working.

All things are made of energy.  Your entire energy system surrounds your body, storing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Everything that makes up your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self is contained in your aura. The purpose of an energy attunement is to align you with the energy vibrations of the particular system being passed to you.  These energies are available for us to work with for our spiritual development, and to learn techniques for healing of self and others.  The purpose of the attunement is to align your Higher Self with the vibrations of your chosen system.

A distant attunement is a method of receiving the energies from a distance without having to go anywhere in person.  Sometimes people find that they are more comfortable in their own surroundings and are more easily able to relax.  You can also add whatever things help you to create ambiance and connection, such as music, candles, incense, crystals, pictures and whatever else you would like to add.

Attunements are completely safe.  They are guided by your Higher Self, which will only allow what is for your highest good.  Protection is built into the attunements I pass by various methods including calling in guides, angels and beings of light for protection and assistance You may not feel anything in particular during an attunement.  Don’t worry, just know you are receiving the energies.  You may also feel warmth, tingling or a moving of the air around you.   You may feel a presence around you or see colors or have visions.  You may find yourself in a very meditative state and see scenes played out in your mind.  You may even fall asleep!  Don’t worry if you do, the energies are still being received.  Everyone will receive attunements differently.  Each attunement may also be felt or seen differently as well.  Some are stronger than others.  Nothing is right or wrong in your experience.  The most important point is to relax, allow the energies to flow and enjoy yourself.

Attunements can be sent to you in “real-time” in which we will choose a date and time together for you to receive the energies.  They can also be sent by “chi-ball”, a method of sending a distant attunement that will be available for you to “call-in” or receive at a time of your choosing.  Chi-balls are sent with a specific amount of time for you to access the energies.

All attunements come with a manual to assist you in continuing to work with the energies for greater empowerment and offer increased energy for the subject you have chosen.  I am available for continued support by email if you have any questions.