photo of Marcy Shulman in a purple sweater and a crownI am a Lightworker, a certified Magdalene Rose Priestess, a Divine Feminine Leader, a spiritual warrior, and empowerment facilitator.  I was a Sophia Circle Leader from 2019 until January 2023.  I resigned after being called to pursue a higher level of working with others.

I began walking The Beauty Way of Light and Love in 2003.  Shortly after that I was guided to study Usui Reiki.  From the moment I walked into the first class, I loved the energy of this healing system, and knew in my heart that I would go on to teach Reiki and share healing, health and empowerment with others.  As a Spiritual Wellbeing Counselor I can assist you in many techniques and healing sessions to bring balance and wholeness into your life, increasing your quality of life on all levels of body, mind and soul.

Studying Goddess spirituality introduced me to The Divine Feminine, and taught me about living life by the seasons, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars. It has been very fulfilling to live in accordance with Nature and to appreciate all that Mother Earth offers to each of us. I have learned much about honoring the Earth and living in a more spiritual way. I have studied many different Goddesses, crystals, drummed, created crafts, eaten traditional seasonal foods, sometimes even howling at the Moon for the sheer joy of doing so.

Since then I have gone forward with my studies, becoming a Reiki Grand Master Teacher. I discovered that there were other systems of Reiki and energy healing. I loved these attunements as much as my original Usui Reiki practice and began using new techniques both on myself, my family, and my beloved animal companions. Each attunement that I have received has helped me to grow and change while also assisting others to become connected to the energies and follow their paths to enlightenment and wholeness.

Distant Energy Attunements are one of my passions.  There are so many ways to learn about living the life you are meant to live.  These systems cover many aspects of Spirituality, Healing, Angels, Ascended Masters,  Earth Healing, Expanding Consciousness, Ascension, Goddesses, connection with your Higher Self, Ancient Civilizations, Magick, Personal Power, Finding your Spirit Guides, Accessing your Inner Wisdom, moving forward on your path to Ascension and Multidimensional Growth and Development,  and increasing your Personal Power.  There are over 1500 Distant Attunements posted here, lots more available (contact me if you don’t see what you are looking for) and more being added as well.

I offer all of the systems offered by the Lightarian Institute as an accredited Lightarian Facilitator.  Working with these energies has drawn me closer to Ascended Masters, Angels and lots of clearing and healing energies.  These courses broaden your mind, bring you purification, take you even further down the path of Reiki, clear unwanted energies and open you to reveal more of your spiritual self.

I have trained in Native American shamanic techniques to perform shamanic journeys for soul retrieval and healing.  I have studied facilitating Soul Recovery, extraction of negative energies and energy balancing.   Some of my other offerings are distant Energy Attunements to assist you in learning shamanic healing techniques from many different cultures that you can practice on your own.

Much of my focus is on leading others to remembering your own sovereign divinity, and stepping into your own self-empowerment.  I am delighted to help you on your journey to finding your true self.

As an experienced spiritual leader and teacher, my prayer is to assist you in aligning with divine guidance and your Higher Self to manifest all you need to open the doors to all you desire.  It is my greatest joy to witness the joy you receive through grace and divine love.

The Divine Feminine Ascended Masters I work with may come through to you as well during healing sessions, and sometimes during related Energy Attunements as well.  Through this work I can help you to return to your Divine Sovereignty that is part of your original blueprint.

It is my greatest pleasure to help you to improve your life on all levels of being.  From my heart to yours, I invite you to live in more peace, joy, abundance, in the Light of Love and fullness of your Divine Destiny.  Take my hand, and let’s get started!


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