Animal HealingAnimals receive as much benefit from Reiki and crystal energy healing as people do.  I am a certified Spiritual Animal Healer, and trained in several methods of animal healing.  I have achieved wonderful results with distant animal healing.  Distant Animal Healings follow the same basic format as human healings. Crystals are usually incorporated during these sessions as I have found that animals respond very well to the Earth energy of crystals.

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session

Energy healing always helps and will never harm. If your pet has any type of illness, see your pet’s doctor or medical health provider.  Energy healing works very well with medical treatment, but is not meant to be a replacement for medical attention.  Energy healing is used as a supplemental and holistic aid and not as alternate medical care.  It is a subtle form of healing that can work with different aspects of an animal’s being.

All healing sessions are non-refundable and paid in advance.  Your goals and intentions for the session are required within three days of payment to be sent by email.  Session dates are scheduled after payment is received.