Chakra Healing

In addition to our physical bodies, we also have an energy body, sometimes known as the aura or the subtle body.  Chakras are the channels that your energy flows through.  If these channels are blocked or not harmonized, dis-ease can occur.  When your energy flows freely, you will be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The word chakra is comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘spinning wheel’.   These are your energy centers.  They look like spinning wheels or balls of colored energy, constantly rotating or spinning.  In some traditions they are seen as flowers, with specific numbers of petals that can open or close.   There are seven primary chakras and many minor ones in the human body, each being a spinning vortex of wheel of energy.  Some writings say that there are about one hundred minor chakras while others claim there are up to 88,000 of them.  The primary or main chakras deal emotions, spirituality, and the health of your body.  Each of the primary chakras relates to specific parts of the body, as well as specific emotions, spiritual and mental issues.  The chakras correspond to major glands within the body.  They are like spiritual energy centers that interact within the body through the endocrine and nervous systems.

Each chakra vibrates or rotates with a speed of its own and is attuned to a specific color.  The root or base chakra is the slowest, with speed building until the crown chakra, which is the fastest of the seven in the main system.  They take on energy from all around you, as well as project your person energy.  When your chakras are cleansed, balanced and aligned, you are functioning well on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Each chakra has it’s own functions and is associated with a color to stimulate and compliment it.  The size and brightness vary with personal development, physical condition, energy level, illness or dis-ease and stress.  If they are blocked or unbalanced, life force energy will be slowed down.  You may feel tired, listless, depressed or out of sorts.  Dis-ease can manifest or thought processes and the mind may be slowed down.  Fear, doubt, anxiety or negativity may be present.

Balanced chakras are a good way to health and well-being.  If they are too open too much energy may flow through the body. Imbalances may affect physical health and/or emotional bodies. If they are too closed there’s not enough space for the energy to flow.  Properly functioning chakras are open and spinning and able to use particular energies from the Universal energy field.

Many things can change the vibrational rates of your chakras, including specific chakra healing energies, such as a chakra flush.   Music, or the energies of colors and crystals are other ways of healing your chakras.  The use of these can help them to return to alignment and proper balance for better health of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  When all the chakras are cleared, energized and balanced, they spin properly both on their own and in relation to each other for optimum health.

Imbalances in the physical body can result from emotional or spiritual causes that affect your chakras.  Blocked or unbalanced chakras may cause illness if they are not spinning or vibrating properly.  Many things can affect the balance including your thoughts and emotions as well as those in the environment around you.  Even childhood and past life issues can affect your chakras.  Stress and tension can wreak havoc on your chakras and deplete your levels of energy.  Negative energy can affect a chakra that is too open, and a chakra that is blocked can prevent the flow of positive energy, slowing down the life force energy within you.  Sometimes we are not even aware of what issues are affecting our energy.   Many times emotional debris can stay with you long after you think you have resolved the issues that cause them.  When your chakras are aligned energy flows freely from the base chakra to the spiritual chakras, allowing you to enjoy better health.

When you choose a DNA Healing Session I will create a personalized crystal grid for you that corresponds to your goals and intentions for the session.

Chakra healings can be done on their own or combined with Reiki healing sessions.  Individual chakras or all of the chakras can be addressed.  I also use various other techniques to clear and balance the chakras.

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All healing sessions are non-refundable and paid in advance.  Your goals and intentions for the session are required within three days of payment to be sent by email.  Session dates are scheduled after payment is received.