Reiki Drum Healing
Since ancient times people have used the power of sound, or vibration to communicate with Spirit.  It provides a strong connection with the Universe since everything is made of vibrations.  Sound has also been used as a way of prayer and for healing.   Sacred drumming is one of the oldest forms of music that was used.   Shamans all over the world and indigenous people of all cultures have used drums for millenia to achieve a state of consciousness that allows them to travel to the ethers for information and healing.  The drum has been said to be the “horse” that the shaman rides to achieve this shamanic state of consciousness.  Many scientific studies have been done showing the effects that drumming has on people.  It can help them to achieve “alpha states” for meditation, bring calmness and peace, assist in healing many ailments and help the immune system to function at a higher level.
Reiki Drumming brings deep relaxation, tension and stress relief, allowing the physical body to release unwanted energies as well. It can help with grief and depression. The “intelligence” of Reiki combines with the vibrations of the drum, sending the energies more deeply into the body and at the same time providing the feeling of safety and a shield of comfort. Your heartbeat can change to match the rhythm of the drum.  This can change the rate of blood pressure and facilitates the release of endorphins within the body, bringing relief from pain.   Deep cellular healing can occur by using the vibrations of the drum together with the beautiful and loving energies of Reiki.  Just as the shaman’s consciousness changes while listening to drumming, your consciousness can shift as well, helping to reach deep states of meditation and spiritual awakening. Combining drumming and Reiki magnifies the energies of both modalities to heal body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Together they raise the vibrations of energy, remove energy blockages, rebalance the energy field and can facilitate the activation of the body’s own inner healing abilities, bringing you back to a state of ideal health and well-being.
During a Reiki Drumming session we may begin with a discussion of your goals and intentions for healing.  A Native American hoop drum is played gently for you, opening your aura and sending the healing energy into your physical body and your chakras.  Combined with a follow up of Reiki healing, the effects are greatly magnified, and further integration of the healing occurs.  The session can be concluded with the drum to seal the vibrations and healing within your physical body and aura.  After a session your inner harmony and balance are increased and you will feel a deep sense of relaxation.  Sessions last between forty five minutes and one hour.
Fee:  Reiki Drumming and Reiki Healing Session Combined:  $90

Drums created by Drums By Soaring Hawk.  To find out about more of these beautiful handmade creations contact me.