Reiki Healing When receiving Reiki, “ki”, life force energy or the healing energy of the Universe flows from the practitioner into the recipient bringing healing and wholeness to body, mind and spirit.  It is deeply relaxing and greatly reduces stress.  It can provide relief of symptoms and pain, sometimes in one session, although long term or chronic issues may require a series of sessions for complete relief.  It can be felt as pleasant warmth flowing into the body and often brings with it a meditative state of being.  Sometimes powerful spiritual experiences can occur during a session.  A tingling sensation may be felt, which is the flow of energy into your body, as well the energy of your own body’s healing ability. Reiki treatments are so completely relaxing, that the recipient often falls asleep during a treatment. It can be one of the best ways to release stress!   A full treatment usually lasts for about an hour, and may last a bit longer.  Shorter treatments are also available.

The recipient is fully clothed during the treatment, usually lying on a massage table, but it can also be done while sitting or standing if lying down is difficult for you.

Reiki can be sent distantly for healing of people, places and situations.  A name and location and permission from the person are required for this.

Crystal Healing sessions and other Energy Healing Sessions are also available, as well as recommendations for flower essence treatment.  These can be discussed according to each situation or need.

Fees for Healing Sessions:

Half Hour Healing Session


One Hour Healing Session


Energy healing is always helps and will never harm. If you have any type of illness, see your doctor or medical health provider.  Energy healing works very well with medical treatment, but is not meant to be a replacement for medical attention.  Energy healing is used as a supplemental and holistic aid and not as alternate medical care.  It is a subtle form of healing that can work with different aspects of your being.

All healing sessions are non-refundable and paid in advance.  Your goals and intentions for the session are required within three days of payment to be sent by email.  Session dates are scheduled after payment is received.