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The word shaman is of Siberian origin and means “wise one”, or “one who knows”.  This wisdom and knowing describe the shaman’s ability to make contact with other dimensions of reality, by means of shifting their consciousness from that of the everyday world to other realms of existence.  This is sometimes referred to as “non-ordinary reality”.  A shaman is able to walk between these two places and is sometimes known as a “walker between the worlds”. By using different types of shamanic practices, shamans can heal both physical and non-physical ailments, protect the community and help human beings to have more respect for Mother Earth and all her beings.  Shamanic energy can be sent at a distance either to heal a particular place or a large area.  They also work with spiritual development to further the growth of themselves and others.

With the help of their guides, shamans enter an altered state, enabling them travel to other realms of existence with the intention of bringing about positive changes in the physical realm of everyday existence.  While traveling on shamanic journeys they can bring about transformation of the energies of people and animals. During the journey a shaman explores these realms, looking for answers to problems you are experiencing by making contact with Spirits in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds.  These worlds are sometimes known as and accessed by the World Tree.  In this view the roots represent the Lower World, the trunk represents the Middle World, the leaves and branches the Upper World.  These realms are also sometimes known as the younger self, the talking self and the deep self.  Psychology knows them as the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds.  The shaman brings back balance and healing to the body, mind and spirit from visiting these dimensions.  During a journey a power animal or a guide is sometimes brought back for you as well.

Journey to find lost soul pieces:
Ailments, which may be in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels can arise when soul pieces either leave or stay in situations that are unresolved.  A part of the soul that contains these painful memories can fragment off, leaving you without all that you need for optimum health.  This can happen due to illness, extreme stress, trauma or fear in the past, present or future.   Without these soul pieces a person is incomplete, and has lost some of their power, which can result in disease on any level of being.  You may find yourself repeating the same or similar kinds of situations over and over again until the wisdom and healing are achieved.  During a shamanic journey one or more soul pieces may be retrieved and lessons can be learned with its return to aid in your healing, health and wholeness.

Journey to extract unwanted energies:
Another way your power may diminished is by holding on to the energies of others, either through your attachment to people or by people projecting their energies or beliefs on to you.  With the help of guides, the shaman can remove these energies from your being.  The energies may be lodged in your physical body, or retained in your spiritual body and aura.  With the removal profound changes and personal empowerment can be achieved.

Balancing your energies:
A shamanic journey may include the balancing of your chakras and aura, which may be affected by many things including the loss of soul pieces or the retention of unwanted energies.Shamanic journeys can be done both in person and at a distance.

Fee: $180, paid in advance