Prerequisite: Dophin Trilogy Reiki

In the Hawaiian culture when someone had passed on they are said to have “Walked the Rainbow”.  Thus it is fitting that this system will help us tap into other realms with ease and teach us new ways of using energy to help us on our spiritual path of growth and ascension. This workbook will guide you through the various steps of Spiritual healing to help you understand what is required for your personal ascension process. This is a guide to advanced principles and techniques designed to accelerate ascension of the human consciousness through the study and practice of spiritual healing and applying those practices to walking your spiritual path.

The manual includes:
*80 symbols
*Study of and connection with the Earth Star chakra, Soul Star chakra, Thymus chakra, and Diaphragm chakra
*A meditation for opening the 12 chakras and connecting with the Christ Consciousness
*Grounding and Protection Meditation
*Rainbow Trilogy Protection Ring 
*Dolphin/Whale Crystal Triad Meditation
*The Role Of The Light Worker
*A discussion of the Four Pillars and the Principles that support them *Assessing the Akashic Records
*12 strand DNA Activation
*2 symbols for Healing and Development
*89 symbols of the Crystal Cavern
*6 “Reiki” symbols of the Crystal Cavern
*A discussion of the Merkaba
*A meditation for receiving the activation



Founder:  Cheryl Carter