Goddess Ixchel (pronounced “ee shell”) means Lady of the Rainbows.  She was known for her many aspects including Medicine Woman, Protector of Women During Childbirth, Goddess of the Waters, Earth and Moon, Matron of Weavers and Artisans, Mother Earth, The Cave of Life, Lunar Goddess, Goddess of the Loom, Goddess of Midwifery and Medicine, Goddess of Abundance and Fertility, Madam of the Sea and Goddess of Healing and Transformation, and many more.  The Power of Ixchel Healing System assists in your connection to Her aspects, bringing her powerful energy into your life so that you can connect to the spiritual healer within you self.

Ixchel is a Triple Goddess embodying the aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone.   Ixchel brings us joyfulness, happiness, health, abundant energy, vitality, benevolence, connection to our inner and outer beauty, sexuality, sexiness, connection to the Divine, protection, good luck, abundance, friendship, relaxation, spiritual connection, increased intuition, soul expression, help with meditation, luck, money, and of course healing.

Ixchel’s energy empowers us to refuse to become a victim of oppression of any kind by granting us personal power when facing adversity.  Her powerful energy can help you to take charge of your life and turn it around no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.  The energy of this system encourages you to acknowlege negative forces in your life.  She can prompt you to assert yourself fully under difficult circumstances.  She brings forth the knowledge that the Divine resides in all of us, showing us that the Divine lives and acts within us.  She can help you to honor your healing gifts.

It will be helpful to use a turquoise stone when you receive this attunement.  Many benefits of this stone are discussed in the manual.  Being attuned to this system will connect you with this stone for the rest of your life.

As Goddess of Healing, Ixchel can be called upon to heal any aspect or issue that you or your clients need.  With this attunement you will be able to call upon Her to aid you in all healing sessions.  The energies can be used both in person and at a distance.

Founder:   Tracey Loper