Prehnite Crystal Empowerment

This empowerment can give you the ability to tap into the power of Prehnite crystals without actually having the physical stones.  It works with the energy fields of Prehnite on an etheric level which can be much more powerful than the energies found on Earth.  You will be able to work with the energies for healing, spiritual development, protection, prophetic visions, spiritual love, dream work, elixirs and more.  The energies of Prehnite strengthen the life force.  Prehnite can be used to aid shamanic journeys, it encourages compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, helping in relationships, and also is helpful for hyperactive children.  When meditating with this crystal you may be able to connect to the Archangel Raphael or other spiritual or extraterrestrial beings.  This stone can help with nightmares and phobias.  Prehnite is known as a stone that “heals the healer”.

The Prehnite Crystal Empowerment is very simple to use.  It can be used on it’s own or combined with Reiki or other energy systems.

Founder:  Jay Burrell

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.