Quan Yin Lavender Flame



The manual for this attunement contains a history of the energy, who Quan Yin is, and the Lavender Flame, which consists of the Lotus Jewels.

The Lavender Flame is a gentler version of Violet with nurturing aspects and a definite Feminine feel to it.  Lavender soothes away negative energies, slowing purfiying your field and bringing you back to your balance.  The healing aspect of Lavender surrounds dis-ease with a layer of love, guiding it out of the system.  The Flame can be run along with Reiki or any other type of energy healing for yourself or others.

Lotus Jewels are energetic gifts from Quan Yin.  They are imbued with the following qualities:
*Karmic Release
*Earth healing
*Heavenly love
*Solar Light (energy amplification, protection and more)
*Divine wisdom
*Releasing power struggles – acting from a place of peace

You will be connected to the angels who can help you with this system by receiving their symbols, as well as symbols for activating the third eye and working with crystals.  You will learn how to send this energy distantly, which can be done with the help of rose quartz.  There are five symbols with this system.

Founder:  Andrea Meyers (Suraya)