Sacred Crystal Ray Attunement

This manual states that “We have been through great changes in the last few years.  These changes have affected our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  The Healing and Balancing processes of the future will be different to those of the past.  And this is understandable, since our new Crystal bodies function differently to the Old Earth biological forms.”

“Crystal beings have fully activated and connected DNA access, and are able to work with the basic Sacred Geometry Templates of their own Energy or Wave Form Patterns and shift them at will.”

The nature and function of your DNA from a spiritual perspective is explained in regards to the Old Earth Healing Approach and the “reconnection or rewiring” of the being to include the Spiritual or Cosmic DNA.  “When you have connected up your DNA by allowing the transition to the Crystal State – you can access the Template of Perfect Health and well-being that is the Original Design for Human beings on this Planet.”

When you look at the images of DNA in the manual you will see the pentagon or pentagram pattern.  The Fractal Mathematical design of the DNA consists of ten circular patters (2×5) representing two strands of physical DNA in typical helix formation.  The pattern is the Flower of Life.  It is there in your very own set of DNA records, as well as in the General Design Template for the Human Species that is part of the planet’s own DNA records.  You can access this template by moving backwards down the DNA chain to the “Source Code” or Original Design, or you can move forwards into the future, up the chain to connect with your Future Self as living that Perfect Template.


Also covered are the symptoms of rewiring and shifts in the template and support for the process and coping skills for the transition are suggested.

After receiving this attunement you can become a Galactic human, the next step in human evolution.

Founder:  Brenda “Silverwolf” Hanlon