Sacred Earth Energy

Sacred Earth Energy is a tool for you to use to progress along your spiritual path.  It is a very gentle, yet powerful vibration that is beautiful and natural.  You can use the Sacred Earth Energy for many things, including healing, intuition, psychic ability, spiritual development, wholeness and well-being, visualization and manifestation, and much more.  It is a system that will focus your mind to enable the constant connection to the greatest gift of the Universe.  This energy flows freely in all living things and now you can learn to harness that energy in all that you do.  It is the energy that resonates within us, and all around us.  It is in the air, the plants, the trees, the animals, the rocks, in you, in me.  It is the here, the now, the past, present and future.  It knows no boundaries.

Sacred Earth is a series of symbols used initially to enable a pure connection to our Sacred Earth and from there we can go forward on our journey with tools and knowledge to light up our path.  It can aid us in connecting to our angels, guides, and messengers.  It can help us still our minds and find freedom and enlightenment within ourselves.  It can heal us mentally, emotionally and physically.  It helps in finding solutions to problems, to bask in healing energy, and can purify and cleanse your energy.  You can use it to relax, de-stress, protect yourself, rid yourself from anger, fear, worry, hate, and jealousy.  The possibilities are endless.

Based on ancient principles, it is a unique way to join together your consciousness and match your vibration to the elements of the Earth.  Once you regain your connection with the Earth you can move forward in the way it was intended to be.

These energies help to assist you in raising your vibration to mirror that of your surroundings and aid you in all you do.  You will be able to attune and sensitize yourself to others.  It can help you still your mind and find freedom and enlightenment within yourself.

There are two attunements to this system and four boosters.



Founder:  Susanne Beaumont