Sacred Laxmi Empowerment

Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Luck, Beauty, Health and Harmony.

Laxmi’s energy unblocks and empowers the chest,  the heart and lungs, heals problems of the heart and of the lungs, the respiratory and circulatory systems, and heals problems related to them.  It also empowers prosperity, abundance, independence, wealth, deeper satisfaction, totality, wholeness, and bestows intuition and clarity.  It gives and enhances passion and sexual energy.  Her energy cleanses, empowers, heals and awakens the first and the second chakras.  Laxmi’s energy awakens the Divine Essence and Higher Powers within us, empowers harmony and beauty within us, brings true radiance on all levels, supports us in every project, both daily support and daily empowerment.  It offers power, strength, love, wisdom, joy, abundance, prosperity, wealth, happiness, playfulness, innocence, purity, fun, laughter, and creativity.

This system includes essential techniques to enhance your energy levels, purify yourself, gain total clarity, centeredness, transcendence and expansion of consciousness and to unfold your divine awareness.  They cultivate divine wisdom, love and higher divine powers.  The manual includes mantras of Buddhism and Hinduism.  Sacred Laxmi Energy can be used both for yourself and others.

Note:  You will need to do meditations and recite mantras for seven days prior to receiving this attunement.  They will be provided in the manual.



Founder:  (Geom) Giorgos Mylonas