This powerful and beautiful energy healing system has several different founders. The manuals have been compiled so that they may be shared with you here. Permission was granted to Linda White Dove, as further explained in the manuals. Permission was granted to her by her Reiki Master Diane Spindler-Ranta. These course materials were contained in the original information was channeled by Ascended Master St. Germain in ancient Atlantis, then received by Hari Das Melchizidek in modern times.. Additional materials were added by other sources including Deb Edward and June Stephansen. See the manuals for more details. If you need to receive a lineage description, I am able to give you the one I received when learning the Shamaballa Multidimension Healing system myself over 12 years ago.

In reality this information has been shared by all of these people, as well as you and I, for we are all taught by Source. You may receive the 352 symbols spoken about in these compiled manuals, and/or you may receive additional symbols as your own personal gift from Divine Source.

The only personal credit I take here is to offer what I received for your personal growth and spiritual development. I offer them here to you with love, from my heart to yours.

Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing is a complete system of energy used for healing and personal spiritual development. Shamballa is based on the belief that all people have been attuned to Reiki in the past.  This ability is being awakened again for the benefit of mankind and for world healing.  Shamballa operates on a higher vibrational plane, bringing energy transfers more quickly and at a higher intensity.  This system will reconnect you to the fullest expression of your being enabling you to experience fulfillment in all aspects of life, including but is not limited to your health, finances, relationships, and career.  Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is a spiritual practice taught as a form of energy healing.

The Shamballa system of ancient Atlantean healing arts was brought forth by Ascended Master St Germain, who used this same energy during his incarnation as a high priest in the Atlantean healing temples.   Dr. Das John Armitage channeled these wonderful energies from St Germain.  The people of Atlantis had access to 22 symbols.  St Germain, the current World Teacher, told Dr. Armitage that the vibration of our planet Earth is now high enough that we may fully infuse the complete system of 352 symbols (energy frequencies) into our own structures to assist in our ascension and for healing of Lady Gaia.  These symbols and multi dimensional energies are infused directly into the student’s energy fields by Shamballa Master/Teachers.

The gift of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, was received by Dr. Armitage (also known as Hari Das Melchizedek).  These manuals have more and/or different information than what he received.  The information was not new.  This healing system was used in Ancient Atlantis by the Ascended Master St. Germain.   The attunements open you to receive through your Higher Self up to 352 etheric symbols.  These symbols can be revealed in healing, meditation or dream state, one for each dimensional level between here and the Creator Energy. These etheric symbols are keys that open the gateway to these various dimensional frequencies.  The symbols will be revealed to you as the need for them arises. Shamballa recognizes the Mahatma Energy or the I AM Presence. It is a link to Divinity, expressed in a deep knowing, feeling and living of the connection that is Oneness with all life.

There are four levels of Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing as follows:

 allows you to do self healing and hands on healing of others.


LEVEL TWO:  allows you to send healing energy to people or places at a distance.


LEVEL THREE:  adds more symbols and allows you to start attuning Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing Level 1 students.


LEVEL FOUR:  is Master/Teacher level, which allows you to attune students to all four levels of Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing.  A Shamballa Master student receives a total of 352 symbols when he/she is attuned to this level.


Purchase All Four Levels Together


Founder:  Ascended Master St. Germain



SHAMBALLA 1024 (Level 5)

We have been through great changes since the 11:11 2004. There was much turmoil in our Beingness, and you may have unloaded a lot of baggage. Letting go of old energies and leaving them behind is a very hard thing to do.

You now have moved into an emotional consciousness transition of the 5D where all things are to change or Manifest into Creation. As human creators you are like a Butterfly who has emerged from the cocoon. You can dream the dream, and live the dream. You are a Lightworker and a Starseed and can show others how to become “One With All That Is”.

You may find that you have new guides come and go. These new guides come for a short period of time to help you in your growth and conscious expansion. They will help you to connect with the new energies. This system works with both humans and animals.

Shamballa 1024 has four symbols that activate a client’s Healing DNA to balance the body. Hey will override the existing carbon base DNA present in the body, and allow the DNA recoding process. The symbols were given to the founder of this system.

Use this system to release old energies and low vibration, remove karma from this and past lives, raise your vibrational frequency, work with your third eye and aid your ascension process.

Prerequiste:  Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Levels 1-4

Founder: Ascended Master St. Germain, June Stephansen




This system unites the Shamballa Multidimensional Healing System with Shamballa 1024. It allows all Shamballa symbols to work as one.

The Unified Shamballa Symbol was gifted from St. Germain. After your other Shamballa attunements you will know when you are ready for this symbol.

Shamballa Unity Unified carries the energy of the 11, which is the beginning of the Master Energies. it reflects an energy available to inspire and uplift humanity, and reflects an unsualy amount of self-understanding with an ability to see through emotional experiences to the truth within.

According to the founder of this system: “I believe the Unity symbol is an upgrade of the whole Shamballa system. After the Atlanteans and Lemurians misused their power, I believe the Shamballa and Reiki systems were broken up. As mankind has ascended, I thing the energy is reappearing…”

Founder:  Ascended Master St. Germain, June Stephansen