Meridian Flush Empowerments


The meridians are energetic pathways that carry chi, or energy throughout the body.  The meridians contain points that are used in acupressure and acupuncture.   There are many meridians within the body, but this system works with the 12 main ones.  The belief is that if the energy flow is interrupted, some kind of disease arises in the area of interrupted flow, or in a part of the body associated with it.  Therefore, it is considered very important to keep the energy flowing smoothly along the meridian lines.

You will be taught to use the Microcosmic Orbit to direct the healing energies of the empowerments through your meridians, along with Mind Focus Affirmations to empower specific areas to have accelerated healing, restoring balance and harmony.  The Flushes are activated by simple intention, and can be used both for your self and others.

Each empowerment consists of two levels of this system. You may purchase in the following ways:
Levels 1 and 2 together, Levels 3 and 4 together, Levels 5 and 6 together, Level 7 and 8 together, Levels 9 and 10 together, or
The Entire Empowerment Together, Levels 1 – 10


Meridian Flush 1 removes bad energy from the body and clears up the energy pathways, thereby improving energy flow and distribution.  When you activate the empowerment, the energy begins to work by itself and continues for 5 hours.  It releases blockages as it moves through your meridians.  It feels like your body is taking an Energy Vacation.

Meridian Flush 2 is a remarkable energy cleaning tool that beings to clean your meridian system automatically for 7 hours when activated. You can literally feel the energy coursing through your system and radiating from your body.

Founder:  Jose Gonzales



A continuation of the first two Meridian Flush Empowerments, these two flushes provide clearing for past issues and then rejuvenation and connection with the present moment.  You will be able to release the past and embrace the present.  If you have old “baggage” that you need to let go of, these Meridian Flushes will help.

Meridian Flush 3 provides a very gentle cleanse of the energy system with specific intent of releasing past issues.  It works best paired with Meridian Flush 4.  You may find that this flush works very deeply but subtly as it clears your blockages.  Once these energies are loosened up they will be cleared away using the next flush.  Meridian Flush 3 is useful at the start of a Reiki session on its own.  The Reiki will help to clear out the old energies and balance the chakras.

Meridian Flush 4 is a strong, sparkly energy energizes you.  It is used to clear away the energies brought up in the 3rd flush, then used on its own to strengthen the energetic system, aligning you with Spirit to help you be in tune with the present moment.  This flush can be used any time for a pick-me-up.

It is recommended but not required that your receive Meridian Flush Empowerments 1 and 2 prior to receiving these energies.

Stephanie Brail



These Flushes balance the male and female energies in the energetic system, the yin and yang.  They are an excellent compliment to Reiki or other healing systems.  These energies allow you to help in balancing gender conflicts, where negative stereotypes can disrupt the healthy balance of male and female energies.  They allow you to use both yin and yang energies within yourself.  They work in a way that is similar to using yogic pranayama breathing to find balance between active and passive states, bringing balance to the physical body.

Meridian Flush 5 balances the yang or male energy, helping to bring more assertiveness and strength to a person who is weak or indecisive, or it will calm down a person who is aggressive, violent or angry.  Since yang energy is associated with the Sun, this flush helps you to connect to the energy of the Sun.  it can be used if you are suffering from fatigue and need a pick-me-up.  This energy is as useful for women as it is for men, helping them become more comfortable with being assertive.

Meridian Flush 6 balances the yin or female energy.  Balancing the yin energy helps women who have turned too much within, and helps men who have turned too much without.  Since yin energy is associated with the Moon, this flush can connect you with lunar energy.  Yin energy is helpful if you are feeling wired and need to calm down to become more peaceful and restful.  In our culture men need yin energy to help them find balance with their more passive and introspective sides.

It is not required that you receive the previous levels of Meridian Flushes to receive these energies.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail



Meridian Flush Levels 7 and 8 bring the positive energies of insight and inspiration, uplifting the spirit and helping you to follow your true life path.  They are an excellent complement to Reiki and other energy healing systems.  These two flushes heal on an esoteric level, aligning you with your inner spark, bringing increased clarity, joy, and hope for a better future.

Meridian Flush 7 works to bring insight, which helps you to better navigate through life, grow spiritually, and respond to life’s challenges.

Meridian Flush 8 brings inspiration, or “divine influence” which is the call of Spirit to transcend petty earthbound concerns and elevate your focus to higher ideals and pursuits.  Coupled with insight, inspiration can provide profound new directs for your life.

Meridian Flushes 7 and 8 are the continuation of the Meridian Flush series, but it is not required that you receive the previous ones to receive this level of attunement.  You can receive or share these energies with anyone regardless of whether they have used the previous Meridian Flushes.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail


Meridian Flush Levels 9 and 10 help release resistance and connect you to the “flow” of life.  They are an excellent complement to Reiki and other energy healing systems.  These Flushes work specifically on a spiritual level to increase receptivity to the positive in life, by releasing that which you are attached to, and allowing a flow of new energy to come in.  They can be very helpful in creating positive shifts and moving forward, especially if you feel “stuck” in life.

Meridian Flush Level 9 works on releasing resistance on both the literal and figurative levels.  On the physical level resistance can affect your physical health and well-being.  Fear can cause us to create more friction than necessary due to resistance, making our lives harder than they need to be.  This flush releases negative resistance as appropriate.

Meridan Flush Level 10 brings the energy of flow, which is much easier without resistance.  When our chi is not flowing well we can experience disease of body and mind.  By removing negative resistance in your life you can experience more “flow”, which can show up as perfect opportunities and connections.  It can also be inspirational, when you have an “aha” moment.  This flush brings in new positive energy to the meridians, acting as a spiritual lubricant to loosen up old energies, allowing you to live a more peaceful, productive and easy life.

Meridian Flushes 9 and 10 are the continuation of the Meridian Flush series but you do not need to receive the first eight flushes to be attuned to this level.  You can receive or share these energies with anyone regardless of whether they have used the previous Meridian Flushes.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail



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