Ocean Mother Full Moon Inititation



There was a time when we remembered the Goddesses of the waters of the Earth.  Though we do not speak of them much anymore they have remained constant and are ever present.  This initiation is a dedication to the Ocean Mother, the Goddesses connected to her and at its most powerful during the Full Moon.  You can call the energy to you by intention and it can be sent the same way.  The ocean may not represent or even suggest Goddess to you but the chaotic power and still serenity of this great body cannot be ignored.  Call that power to you and use it in your life to heal and nurture yourself and others.

The Goddesses included in this initiation are as follows:
Sedna (Inuit)
Aphrodite (Greek)
Yemaya (West African)
Oshun (West African)
Saraswati (Indian)
Tiamet (Sumerian)

Great Mother Ocean teaches us to “go with the flow”.  The tides are controlled by the Moon, so honor the Moon’s influence in your life.

Founder:  Tineke Winjker