Path of Yemaya Reiki

This attunement can help you and your children to be protected through all the highs and lows of your life and allow you to take time to care for and pamper yourself and honor your body as a treasure and a temple, and let you to take time off from being the nurturer and care giver for others. As Goddess of Surrender, Yemaya can help you to surrender to the Divine and open yourself to something greater to nurture your wholeness.

Yemaya’s energy can connect you to your creativity, soothe and calm you and to endure changes in your life.  Her energies assist you in being more compassionate and caring to others in need.  She can also help to bring out your sexy, playful, wise, feminine and graceful nature.

The manual includes information about Yemaya and her attributes that will help you make a strong connection with her.  The energies in this system can be used for healing both yourself and others.

Founder:  Tracey Loper