Sacred Feminine Returns

This manual states that “as an anchor of the feminine energy you are being brought to the Earth plane at this time in history and being reminded of the Unconditional Love being beamed to you from interested parties from all over the known and unknown galaxies….many Light Frequencies surround you….. You are very blessed.”

“The 7 Great Rays beam to you the encoded colors of the rainbow….be still and know the perfect peace and harmony….the unconditional love….”

“As an anchor of the feminine and a Lightworker you are and will work with many who will come to you for healing and comfort….Sharing this and your wisdom enhances the encoding that you are perceiving as memory and intuition…You are well prepared and supported in your tasks.”

Included in the attunement is a suggestion for meditating on colors and symbols that can help to make you whole, to feel the peace and love of the Goddess.  This can enable you to find forgiveness and balance in your life.

Founder:  Eileen Brooks