Silver Flame

The Silver Flame is the flame of the Goddess.  The Silver Flame can bring you transformation, change, and unique creative shifts in energies.  This transformation can be anything from healing to empowerment to ascension. The attunement to the Silver Flame connects you to the Goddess and can be used to enhance your connection with any Goddess for empowerment and higher energies.  This attunement will enhance the power and energies of anyone that uses it for the highest good.  The Goddess awaits those who choose to become healers and teachers. If you Hear her call, the Silver Flame Reiki attunement may be something that will enhance your energies.

The powerful energies of Silver Flame Reiki cleanse away illness, even reflecting bacteria and viruses away from you.  It can transmute infection to help you become healed and whole either for your whole body or for specific areas or illnesses.  This system can be used for protection of yourself, places and objects.

The powerful energy is pure and of the light.  It can heal body, mind, and soul of people, plants, animals and places.  Negative energies will either transmute and change to positive energies or dissipate and are removed.

The Silver Flame can be used both for yourself and others.  There is one symbol is this system.

Founder:  Linda Colibert