Yemanja Goddess of the Ocean - Queen of All Orixas

Yemanja is seen as the Ocean Waters and the Mother of All.  She is the giver of all life and sustains the world. She is the Protector of Women.   She represents mother love and can help with fertility, children, birthing, the home and family.  Yemanja rules over everything that is connected to the sea.  She reminds women to nurture their own needs and is the deep ocean of comfort for those in need.  She is also the patron of sailors and fisherman and protects them against drowning.

The manual includes information about this Goddess, her correspondence a ritual to do at the beach, a ritual to do at home and a prayer to Yemanja.  There is one symbol in this attunement.  The energies can be used with Reiki both in person and at a distance.

Founder:  Gabriela Yasmin Szafman