Aquamarine Dolphins



AQUAMARINE is an emotional healing ray that connects you to the peaceful, compassionate energy of the Dolphins. It restores balance and harmony very quickly, and due to its very gentle flow.  It is suitable for all. AQUAMARINE will also work well with any of the other Dolphin attunements such as Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.  AQUAMARINE will work with past, present and future emotional issues. It will also work with other healing modalities and Reiki forms, as well as crystals, particularly Aquamarine!  This energy is suitable for everyone, and works particularly well with children.   The Aquamarine Dolphin system works well with other dolphin Reiki attunements other healing modalities and Usui Reiki.  An aquamarine crystal can be used with this attunement.

The manual includes a meditation covering three topics:
*Self healing of past, present and future
*Powering up Aquamarine crystals

Founder:  Carolyn Lloyd