Isis Seichim

Seichim is the name for an energy healing and self-transformational energy system.  It was originally received in 1980. There are a variety of names used to describe this energy, and each system has a way of accessing the energy.  It is known as Seichim, Sekhem, Seichem, and SKHM.  Isis Seichim is a variant of 7 Facet Seichim, which combines symbols from many different systems.  It is an Ancient system of healing wisdom from the Temples of Egypt.

The energy signature of this energy is that of the “Infinity” symbol.  Seichim is Living Light Energy.  Within that framework, there are many definitions of how the word “Seichim” is translated.  They include:  power, might, shrine, the natural power, vital power of man, spirit God’s of the Shrine, or Dwelling Place of the Gods.

There are 15 symbols in this system to heal body, mind, emotions and spirit.  You will learn to create a power sandwich, combining symbols to enhance their healing powers.  You will also learn how to use The Cosmic Healing Bank in sending distant healing.