Lammas Empowerment
Lammas was an early “thanksgiving” type holiday involving the blessing and consecration of loaves of bread, made from the first wheat to ripen around August 1.  This day is still known today as Lammas Day or Loaf-Mass day, also a time for the blessing of the first fruits of the harvest.

August 1st is known as Lughnasad in the Celtic calendar celebrating the Wheel of the Year.  It is associated with the God Lugh.  Offerings were made to him to ensure a good harvest.  According to folklore, this feast was founded by Lugh to honor his foster mother, the Goddess Tailtiu.

The empowerment is of a reflective, inspirational and self-empowering nature.  The short manual contains a bit of Lammas history.

Founder:  Alasdair Bothwell Gordon

Sent as chi ball only. Certificate available upon request.