Amaterasu Reiki
Amaterasu is the Shinto ruler of the Kami, the Gods and forces inherent in Nature.  She is known as the Great Shining Light that illuminates Heaven and Earth.  The manual explains who Amaterasu is, and how to practice Amaterasu Reiki.  It also includes the practice of Amaterasu, the meditation On Twin Hearts which works on the crown and heart chakras, and fills you with Divine Light, Love and Power, so that you become a channel of this Divine energy.  It is said that practicing this mediation daily or regularly increases the size of both chakras and the aura, making your body more dynamic and strong, thus enabling you to become a more powerful healer.

The manual contains images and descriptions of Amaterasu in her aspect as Goddess of Beauty.   You are given the symbols to use with the Amaterasu Healing Light.  The symbols are described and drawn in the manual for you to learn and work with in your healing.  Also included are meditations to help you in your work with Amaterasu.  Traditionally Amaterasu Reiki is taught from a person.  The manual also gives you a self-empowerment method for Amaterasu Shakti, or energies.

Founder:  Stephen Comee