Deities:  Diana, Selene, Isis, all Lunar Goddesses

Angel:  Haniel

Angelic Moonstone Essence Energy Some Uses:  love charms; aids divination; brings good fortune; vibrates with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy; calming; strengthens intuition, and psychic perception; brings balance and harmony with the All; honors the Goddess in all women; aids dieting, gardening, psychic awareness and meditation; soothes stress, anxiety, women’s hormones; greater flexibility and flow with life; helps you be more comfortable with gentler feminine/yin receiving side; recommended for farmers and gardeners, artists, and dancers; assists with female issues and childbirth; can heal and balance the stomach, pancreas, and pituitary gland; reduces swelling and excess body fluid; aid peaceful sleep; opens gateway to the subconscious, aids communication with your guides.

Founder:  Gabriela Yasmine Szafman

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.