Crystal Reiki Master Attunement

Crystal Reiki Master Attunements will amplify the power of all your healing vibrational energies. Accepting the commitment to become a Crystal Reiki Master is a life changing experience.  Receiving the Crystal Reiki Master Attunement can be a big step you take to become more enlightened.

At the first level enlightenment is experiencing reality as it is. That is where the mind doesn’t interfere with your experience.  Within you there is a lot of ceaseless chatter going on:  continuous talk, interference from the past, day dreaming about the future.  Very rarely are you looking at things the way they truly are.

People often do not experience reality as it is. The first stage of enlightenment is when the interference of the mind stops and the senses become alive.  The second stage of enlightenment is to feel a tremendous sense of connectedness with the world around you.  You feel connectedness with the plant, human being or animal in front of you, the mat on which you are sitting, the sky and every thing and everybody around you.  You don’t feel that you are alone and don’t feel the sense of separate existence. The third stage enlightenment is where you experience oneness with the Universe. You experience Cosmic Consciousness.

Crystal Reiki Master will attune you to a special vibrational frequency that will enable you to shift your conscious awareness and energies so that your senses become alive and your mind ceases to interfere with your thoughts. You will then move through the portal to attain the first stage of enlightenment.

You will need six clear quartz crystal points and an additional clear quartz crystal to receive this attunement.

Founder:  Malacti