Dolphin Prism

This system teaches of ways to connect to the Love of Source through a meditation that includes:
*Understanding that Source is All Love and created of all creation with its powerful glue of Love that literally holds it all together.
*Knowing that you have every right to be in touch with Love energy
*Practicing daily mediation, which is a magnet to drawing it into you
*Cleansing yourself of the old baggage to make room for Love
*Asking for Source Love to flow into every part of our essence

The manual includes information about the Dolphin Healing Temple and The Water Element and the following Empowerments with meditations for each.

*Shangri-La Crystal Cave Empowerment
*Rainbow Dolphin Dreams With Quan Yin
*Borabadur Temple
*Rainbow Dolphins, Orcas, Belugas, Humpbacks Dreams With Mother Gaia
*Dolphin Rainbow Sphere
*Golden Dolphin Temple

Also included is information about orcas and the author’s experiences with these beautiful sea creatures.

Founder:  Shirley Ponto