Dolphin Rainbow Chakras

The Dolphins wove their energies with those of the crystals and colors. This gift, called Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System, is a powerful yet gentle healing system.  This warm sparkling energy will cleanse and energize your chakras (energy centers), fill your life with the love and joy of the dolphins, and you will become more vibrant, and add more color in your life.  This is a system filled with light, color, working with the chakras, healing, meditations and working with the dolphins and their energies.

The attunements will cleanse, balance, align and re-attune your chakras so you can hold a higher vibration, and release any blockages in the chakra system, using the colors and associated crystals for each of the seven main chakras.

This course takes seven weeks to finish with two attunements for each chakra.  The first is for self-healing, the second is for world healing.  The manual includes many pictures, meditations and much information.  This is a system you can refer back to and use over and over again when you need it.

Included in the 67 page manual:

*Explanation of the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System

*About the founder – Shanti

*Healing System Intro

*Welcome from Shanti

*What are chakras?

*What is chanting?

*What is an attunement?

*How to use this healing system

*Tools to use during the attunement process

*Trans Rainbow fusion

*Dolphin Sea Bath

*Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Meditation

*Teacher’s section

*Dolphin Rainbow Chakra grid

*Webpage links for attunements and meditations

*The Attunements

*Dolphin Rainbow Root Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow Sacral Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow Solar Plexus Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow Heart Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow Throat Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow 3rd Eye Chakra attunement

*Dolphin Rainbow Crown Chakra attunement

*Maintenance of the chakras after the attunements

*Using Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Energy with a client

*Sending the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System distantly

*Chart for the practitioner of the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System

*Dolphin Rainbow Chakra practitioners cheat sheet

*Using the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System to Heal the Globe

*Dolphin Rainbow Chakra healing sheet


Specific crystals are used in conjunction with this attunement.



Founder:  Shanti Johnson