Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat

Using dolphin energy to harness sound is one of the most powerful ways to heal, harmonize and unite your lower self with your higher self according to the founder of this system, Shanti Johnson.  Pink represents the heart chakra, which is the midpoint between the upper and lower chakras.  The heart chakra will unite the upper and lower chakras if it is healed, balanced and aligned.

This empowerment can be received either individually or as a group.  Doing this during the Full Moon will create a stronger bond and raise the energy more than at other times of the month.

The manual includes:

What Is The Sacred Drumbeat Empowerment?

Doing The Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Outside Setup

Doing The Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Inside Setup

The Drum

Ceremony for Receiving the Empowerment

When To Do This Empowerment

How To End the Empowerment

Founder:  Shanti Johnson