Dolphin White Wave Healing

Dolphin White Wave Healing is a powerful tool for clearing away negative and stagnant energies that you may have built up.  This energy works quickly to break down and remove this unwanted residue from the physical and auric bodies before it can manifest as disease or altered mood states.  It may be used for yourself or others, auric cleansing and also for room clearing, situation clearing and purifying the energy of objects.

There is a partnership between the Ascended Higher Dolphins and the Earth Dolphins.  The Dolphin White Wave energy is split into two frequencies, higher and low, each working with different energies.  The Earth energies keep us grounded and the Higher Spiritual energies assist us in personal growth and making the world a better place.

Dolphin White Wave energy can quickly balance our bodies.  The manual also includes a Water Cleanse Bath, the Power Shower Meditation and methods for using crystals in conjunction with the energies.

Founder:  Carolynn Lloyd