Ethereal Herbs


Herbs, as part of the Plant Kingdom have been with us since the beginning of time.  People have them dating as far back as the times of Atlantis and still do use herbs for a variety of purposes for healing and other beneficial purposes today.  References to herbs were even made in the bible. They are natural, simple and in most cases (unless poisonous, always verify) are safe and easy to use.

This attunement connects you to the ethereal essences of the following herbs and flowers.   You can use them in energy work for yourself and others.

To use the energies of the Ethereal Herbs energy system all you need to do is simply point your finger or palm towards or on a Chakra or Part of the body needing treatment and intending that the Specific energy of that Herb be placed there.

Intention is the key to all things.

The manual includes a short description of the chakra systems, symbols or yantras for each, and their functions. An Ethereal Herb Meditation is given for your use and enjoyment. Properties for the herbs you will be attuned to are given.  The herbs are listed below:

Acacia Agrimony Aloe
Amber Angelica Basil
Bay Bayberry Benzoin
Catnip Chamomile Cinnamon
Clove Dandelion Echinacea
Eucalyptus Fern Frankincense
Garlic Ginger Ivy
Marjoram Mistletoe Mugwort
Mullein Musk Myrrh
Nutmeg Parsley Patchouli
Rose Rose Rosemary
Sage Sandalwood Tobacco
Valerian Ylang Ylang

Founder:  Jay Burrell