Etheric Herbal Remedies

This attunement will enable you to use the etheric qualities of many herbs for healing both yourself and others by creating Etheric Herbal Remedies.
Herbal remedies are considered to be supplements prepared from plants that you can buy over the counter.  This system attunes you to the energies of the plants so that you may use them without having the actual plants on hand.  Normally in creating an herbal elixir you would place the herbs, flowers, or parts of trees into hot water, steep and drain them.  With the Herbal Etheric Remedies Attunement you can create powerful herbal elixirs in seconds.  The elixirs will become 400% stronger than using physical herbs.  You will also be able to strengthen any physical herbs you use.

The manual also teaches you how to attune to other herbs not listed in this system.

You will be attuned to the following herbs:

Agrimony Alfalfa Aloe
Amaranth Angelica Basil
Bayberry Bee Pollen Bergamot
Blackberry Blessed Thistle Burdock
Caraway Chamomile Coltsfoot
Comfrey Damiana Dandelion
Dong Quai Echinacea Eucalptus
Eyebright Fennel Flax
Ginger Ginseng Heather
Horehound Hyssop Iceland Moss
Jasmine Juniper Kava Kava
Kelp Lavender Lemon Balm
Mandrake Meadowsweet Mullen
Nettle Passionflower Pennyroyal
Peppermint Rosemary Rue
Sage St. Johns Wort Senna
Spearmint Tarragon Uva Ursi
Valerian Wormwood Yarrow
Yellow Dock
The manual includes healing properties for the herbs you are attuned to.

Founder:  R. Anthony